Reality and Some of My Critics


In this Venn diagram, the circle on the left represents reality, while the circle on the right represents the world inhabited by my harshest critics. Yes, yes, I know. I’m being generous.


I’ve just been reading what some of my less honest and responsible critics have to say, online, about my current public presence.  It was fascinating.


It seems that I’ve been silenced.


That silence apparently includes this blog, my weekly Deseret News column, the biweekly Deseret News column that I do every other Saturday with my colleague and friend William Hamblin (here’s the most recent one), the new Interpreter journal and foundation of which I’m the chairman of the board, my lectures at BYU Education Week, my presidency of the Society for Mormon Philosophy and Theology, (SMPT), my frequent speeches and lectures (e.g., off the top of my head, in Salt Lake City on Friday; in Provo, Utah, a week or so thereafter; in Logan, Utah, later this month; several times in the Indianapolis area early next month; in Orlando, Florida, a few weeks after that; and etc.), my regular classes at BYU, whatever other writing I do on my own, and so on and so forth.


Mr. Rod Serling (d. 1975)


And it seems that, having been thus silenced but being still a coward, I’ve retreated into a world where comments and open disagreement aren’t permitted.  As, for example, in the Deseret News, where those comments after my columns are, it seems, illusory.  And here and on Facebook, where comments responding to my blog entries apparently don’t actually exist.  (If you think you’ve responded here or on Facebook, and especially if you look here or on Facebook and imagine you can still read your response, you probably need professional help.)



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  • Quickmere Graham

    Caring too much for your critics only increases their power over you and the nature of your public persona, even if you are merely “debunking” the stuff they say, Daniel. It would disempower them to simply quit playing their game. They want to see you make posts exactly like this one. It’s all part of why they do what you do.

    • danpeterson

      I don’t actually care that much about my critics. I just find some of them unspeakably bizarre.