“Revisiting the Forgotten Voices of Weeping in Moses 7″


I’m still observing

my temporary moratorium on images.

Too much frustration,

too little time.

I’m very happy to announce that Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture continues its steady forward progress.  The new entry today — we’ve managed, thus far, to post an article or a review every Friday since our launch in early August — is “Revisiting the Forgotten Voices of Weeping in Moses 7: A Comparison with Ancient Texts,” by Jeffrey M. Bradshaw (Ph.D., University of Washington), Jacob A. Rennaker (Ph.D. candidate, Claremont Graduate University), and David J. Larsen (Ph.D. candidate, University of St. Andrews, Scotland).


This is a topic in which I’m particularly interested, and it’s also touched upon in a new book by Terryl and Fiona Givens.



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