Some Apparently Don’t Think Mormons Should Be Able to Hold Public Office, But Mormons Still Die for Their Country


Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie (d. October 2012)


Princeton’s Robbie George — a national treasure, by the way — laments an obnoxious recent case of anti-Mormon propaganda during this political season (“Anti-Mormonism Crawls Out of the Swamp”) while, down in Arizona, a thirty-year-old Mormon border patrol agent (recently called as second counselor to the bishop of his congregation) lays down his life in service to the United States.



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  • Lynn Svedin (LBHRPBofDCP)

    I guess I’ll wait to hear what my opinion is of this when the MSM gives it to me. I won’t rush into an opinion on this until the proper authorities on right and wrong give it to me.

    It just sickens me the way the MSM refused to vet the then presidential candidate Obama back in ’07 and ’08 and then continued to do his bidding ever since, but they go overboard in their vetting of Romney now and I can’t wait for Stephenopoulous or however his name is spelt to award all the debates to Obama.

    I also find it very disgusting and abominating (or should that be “obamanating”), the way the MSM protects Obama on his religious beliefs and they are totally out of bounds, yet, when Romney’s beliefs and religion is attacked, they either just look the other way and pretend it’s none of their business to find the truth, or they feel a tingle run up their legs and help pile on.

  • Kent G. Budge

    Robert P. George is indeed a national treasure. I’ve never heard him called Robbie, though. Are you personally acquainted with him?

    • danpeterson

      I’m slightly acquainted with him (we corresponded just a tiny bit some years ago, we were in a small multi-day meeting together at the Carter Center in Atlanta once, etc.), but, more importantly, lots of people who know him call him “Robbie George.” Maybe I shouldn’t have done it here, though . . .

  • Stephen Smoot


    “An Obama campaign spokesperson issued the following statement to U.S. News, which broke the story: “As a campaign, we have made it unequivocally clear that a candidate’s religion is out of bounds. The activity that is being attributed to the Obama campaign and our Catholics for Obama program is categorically false.””