The Actual, Real, Mitt Romney




In addition to the items mentioned in my previous post, I would like to mention these two websites:


The first, “Get to Know Mitt,” is brand new, and features stories about Mitt Romney as a remarkably caring human being.  He’s been pictured by many of those who oppose him as a callous plutocrat whose only apparent motivation for seeking the presidency is his unaccountable disdain for the poor and weak, coupled with a strong desire to ensure that his fellow elitist  fat cats can squeeze yet more money out of the downtrodden middle class.  The truth couldn’t possibly be more different.


The second, “Mitt: The Man,” is run, essentially, by two gentlemen (a professor of French at BYU who is a colleague of mine, and a physician in Virginia) who have known Governor Romney since they were young men serving together as LDS missionaries in France.  Like me, they’ve been exasperated by the caricature of Mitt Romney that has obscured the real man.  Fed up, they’ve done something to counter it.


Please “like” and “share” them.  Please read through them yourself, and see if they don’t increase your respect, regardless of your political leanings, for the Republican presidential nominee.



"ISIS opens new front in Egypt"
"The science of sleeping in, and why you probably shouldn't"
New Testament 195
His most famous line from the 1964 Republican convention in San Francisco
  • http://yahoo sharon kremer

    I have NEVER believed one word of the lies. Before I heard facts or comments about the Mitt Romney you speak of, I watched and listened to him. He is a gentleman in all respects of the word. He shows he is a caring man in the manner in which he has led his life. I know and believe him to be a humble man,those that do not do for gratitude or selfish reasons, he just does. I fully trust Mitt Romney to lead this country back to the place it was when pride swelled my heart for this country. I have always been proud to be an American, but there was a time I would look at the White House and the inhabitants there at the time and go Thank You God. I pray every day that I can have that feeling again so I can also feel the safety that comes along with it for my granddaughters and my children, for everyones children. I WILL BE VOTING FOR MITT ROMNEY WITH A PROUD HAND AND PRIDE IN MY HEART. Thank You God.