The Child-Devourer


Der Kindlifresserbrunnen in Bern, Switzerland


In Switzerland’s capital city, Bern, stands Der Kindlifresserbrunnen (“The Children-Devourer Fountain”) or, as I most often heard it called during the roughly twelve months that I lived in the canton of Bern, the Kinderfresser.


When I hear and read about the evil, heartless things that Mitt Romney wants to do to America’s children, I can’t help but think of the ogre depicted in this sixteenth-century Swiss statue .  And now there’s photographic evidence:


Mitt and Ann Romney with doomed grandkids


That Mitt and Ann Romney are cold, unfeeling elitists who lack the human touch and have no genuine contact with real people is, of course, obvious beyond question.  That they so shamelessly mistreat their own grandchildren — and, chillingly, laugh while doing it — comes as a real revelation.


Plainly, when they say that Governor Romney is running for the presidency in order to preserve America for our children, when he claims that self-indulgently burdening our children with a massive public debt is flagrantly immoral, they’re not serious.  They don’t even like children.


Joe Biden, treating Congressman Paul Ryan like a particularly stupid child


But Vice President Biden does.  And, as the child of an impoverished Welsh coal miner, he feels a very great deal of sympathy for them.


(My thanks to Christopher Hurtado — who’s probably voting for Gary Johnston, on the Libertarian Party ticket — for calling my attention to the Romney family photo above.)




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  • Kent G. Budge

    Ooooo, now I see the sinister undertones when Romney says he’s doing for the children! Brrrr!