The Interpreter Foundation Now Ready to Accept Tax-Exempt Donations!


I just got off the phone with a lawyer who has volunteered his services on this matter (and who has received generous input from legal colleagues), and I’m delighted to report that The Interpreter Foundation has been incorporated as a 501c3 organization and, moreover, is now in a position to accept tax-exempt donations.


The simplest way to do so right now is to send a check to


The Interpreter Foundation

P.O. Box 970542

Orem, UT 84097


I’m also pleased to report that, so far as we can tell, donations already made to the Foundation since its establishment will also count as tax-exempt.


Since we have neither office nor employees nor printing costs nor binding expenses nor inventory nor mailing and distribution, and since the many hours of labor that this project has required thus far have been volunteered, our financial requirements are — relatively speaking — modest.  But they’re far from non-existent.  And we want to begin to pay some of those who continue to put in large amounts of time and effort each week.  Also — and this is vitally important — we have ambitious plans (e.g., for the publication of books) that will definitely require money.


We deeply appreciate the generosity of those who have already contributed to this cause, and welcome any additional help that we can get.

  • Rosemary N. Palmer

    Easy enough to put a button on the site allowing donations through paypal or one of the charity umbrellas. (Lot easier for you too.)