“This is the Right Place” — or, anyway, one of them



Giuseppe Verdi (d. 1901)


We just returned from a very good production of Giuseppe Verdi’s Il Trovatore up at the Utah Opera in Salt Lake City.  (“A good time was had by all.”  “Rollicking good fun.”)


One of the attractive aspects of life along the Wasatch Front in Utah is its relatively rich offering of opera, classical music (e.g., the Utah Symphony), drama (e.g., the Pioneer Theater), and, though I’m frankly not interested in it personally, dance (e.g., Ballet West).  These seem out of proportion to the area’s population.  We’ve also got quite a number of universities and colleges, with their offerings.  And, coupled with the proximity to national parks and wilderness, the skiing (though I don’t ski), and lots and lots of collegiate and professional athletics, such things contribute to a high quality of life.


I’m a Californian, and will probably always be one, but, really, Utah’s not so bad.



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  • http://www.davesagegallagher.blogspot.com Sage

    That makes me feel a little better about our decision to move there. The reative low cost for all the cultura offerings is refreshing after a decade and many dollars spent in NY.

  • Eric

    You should ski. Let me know when you’re ready. –Eric

    • danpeterson

      I would kill myself (or a tree) within the first fifteen minutes.

  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    I grew up in Salt Lake, but after graduating with my BA we returned there for three years of law school and 16 years later for three years after I retired from the Air Force. Our general intent is still to return there after I retire from my current job, precisely because of the variety of cultural offerings AND opportunities to attend scholarly conferences like those Dr. Dan speaks at, that have connections with Mormon doctrine and history. After all, what are we going to do with ourselves when I no longer have to show up at work every weekday, if we are not in physical shape to serve a senior mission?

    Utah has enough ethnic diversity that it holds events like the O-Bon Festival in the street in front of the Japanese Buddhist Temple next to the Salt Palace, with taiko drummers and dancing to Japanese folk music. There are lots of good restaurants of many kinds. The variety of museums of art and natural history are great and reward repeat visits. The opportunity to take classes at the various universities in topics we have never had time for before is something I look forward to.