“Threats to Assassinate Romney Explode after the Debate”


If this is true, I still don’t know how seriously one should take it.


But it’s difficult to imagine that, if people on the political right were making comparable threats in comparable quantities against President Obama, that wouldn’t be a huge story in the media.  After all, despite the actual evidence, we conservatives have routinely been blamed by left-leaning politicians and journalists (am I being redundant?) for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in Arizona, the Oklahoma City bombing, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and so on and so forth.



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  • http://mormonsforobama.org/ Sarah Kendall Taber

    Wow, that’s scary. There is nothing that stops your heart like that. And especially when the person they’re targeting is from a historically persecuted group like us Mormons, it’s especially scary. Because what they’re talking about was *reality* not too long ago. And as a fellow member of that persecuted group, when the shadow of crosshairs falls across one of you, all of you feel it.

    Even though there’s nearly four generations between myself and the last time Latter-Day Saints were violently persecuted, those stories and those memories are still very much with me. Nobody should have to feel that afraid just because of who they are.

    So I can only imagine how African-Americans– a good lot of whom have literally lost close friends and immediate family members within their own lifetimes to violent mobs of Anglos– felt when Obama received his first assassination threat in July of 2008. Or his second one in July 2008. He wasn’t even a presidential nominee yet at that point. Or less than a month after that when three people went beyond threats, and followed Obama to Denver with a truck full of guns and bombs. Or the fifth and sixth public threats on his life that October.

    Or on Nov. 11 2011, when somebody drove up to the White House, pulled out a semiautomatic, and started firing.

    Or earlier just this year, when four people in Georgia drew up plans to assassinate the president, bomb a number of US military installations, and murdered two of their own friends to keep them quiet about their plans.

    The press really didn’t make a big fuss about any of these. I remember hearing about the Denver incident sporadically for about two days. That was it. The procedure for dealing with these threats is to avoid throwing a conniption about it. The only thing loud publicity about death threats accomplishes is to inspire imitators.

    When threats are handled in this type of professional manner, one could be forgiven for assuming that there weren’t any. However, one would be wrong. This is far from the first time a president or presidential candidate has been threatened, or even the first time somebody’s gassed off about doing it on Twitter. (Search #assassinate #obama sometime. Even tonight with all the extra #assassinate traffic, I managed to come up with a couple “let’s go get Obama” tweets.)

    What *is* it a first time for? Well, it’s the first time it’s happened to Romney. And I hear you– it’s a whole new universe of frightening when people talk about shooting up your guy. Tell me about it!

    Here’s my tip as an experienced supporter-of-someone-who-gets-credible-death-threats. The last thing the Secret Service agents protecting Romney want is for people to repeat “assassinate Romney” over and over on the Internet. It really doesn’t help them with their job. Instead, take a leaf from the professionals. The Obama administration has been handling assassination threats on a fairly regular basis since it was -1 years old– from people who are actually playing with live ammo, not iPhones– and it has handled them with unflappable dignity and grace.

  • Dr. Harry Merl

    That is the state the world is in. It shows everywhere and it actually happens many times. That is the terrifying thing about it. To threaten with mordet even happens in our country to show opposition.