Were His Lips Moving?


Vice President Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

He always says what he means.


Mr. Biden looking statesmanlike


A general account of his mendacity:


“Biden’s Private Reality.”


Mr. Biden reacts to the serious issues facing America


A video montage of his forced, contemptuous hilarity:


“Laughing at the Issues”


Mr. Biden is a serious thinker


On his curious relationship with the facts about our international challenges:


“Biden’s Intelligence”


Mr. Biden’s debate smile


On his dismissal of his administration’s threats against religious freedom in America:


“Catholic Bishops Respond to Joe Biden’s Inaccurate Statement of Fact on HHS Mandate Made During Vice Presidential Debate”


Mr. Biden responds to Catholic concerns


On his rewriting of history regarding the murder of several Americans, including our ambassador, in Benghazi, Libya:


“Biden Contradicts State Department on Benghazi Security”


“Biden: If Only Our Diplomats Had Asked for More Security!”


And did you know that Mr. Biden interrupted Congressman Paul Ryan eighty-five (85) times during the ninety-minute vice presidential debate?  That’s nearly once per minute.  Or, more relevantly, since (omitting the moderator’s speaking time) each vice presidential candidate got to speak for roughly half of those ninety minutes, that’s approximately twice per minute.  About once every thirty seconds.


Proposed official vice presidential portrait for a second Obama-Biden term


If you’ve forgotten how grating and irritating the constant smirk and cackle were, take a look at this.  It’s only twenty-nine seconds long.


Notoriously, in 1979 on The Dick Cavett Show, the late American author, critic, and political activist Mary McCarthy said of her fellow leftist writer Lillian Hellman that “every word she writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the.’”  Hellman responded, as she virtually had to, with a $2.5 million libel suit against McCarthy, which ended when Hellman died in 1984.  But the suit seriously damaged Hellman’s reputation, because it put her under scrutiny and . . . well, her claims didn’t stand up under examination.


Consider, in this context, “The Biden Plagiarism Scandal” from 2008, and, from way back in 1987, “Biden Assails New Report of Dishonesty.”


No caption really needed


This man is a heartbeat away from the presidency of the United States of America.  And, if the Obama-Biden ticket wins in November, he’ll be there for another four years.


Think about it.


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  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    I assumed upon hearing Obama’s selection of Biden as his VP that he was doing it to deter thoughts of assassination.