Need Help with Your Personal Computing Devices?

  An important how-to video -- especially for those of the older, computer-challenged, generation.   … [Read more...]

“Defending the King and His Kingdom”

  Professor Louis Midgley contributes the latest in the thus far unbroken string of weekly Friday publications in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture:   … [Read more...]

Merry Smithmas!

A nativity scene at Temple Square in Salt Lake City

   One of the crazier and more transparently false allegations made against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by a relatively small handful of its harshest critics -- curiously, I encounter this claim much more among disaffected secularizing ex-Mormons than among, say, Evangelical Protestant anti-Mormons -- asserts that Latter-day Saint celebrations of the birth of Joseph Smith (on 23 December 1805) rival or even overshadow our observance of the … [Read more...]

“Studies in the Bible and Antiquity” 4 (2012)

  The latest issue of the annual Studies in the Bible and Antiquity -- volume four (2012) -- is now available: It contains four articles: "The Investiture Panel at Mari and Rituals of Divine Kingship in the East," by Ronan James Head and Jeffrey M. Bradshaw "Clothed with Salvation: The Garden, the Veil, Tabitha, and Christ," by Daniel Belnap "Did Paul Address His Wife in Philippi?" by John Gee and Thomas A. … [Read more...]

A Catholic Tribute to Richard Wilkins

  This arrived earlier today from C-FAM, the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, regarding the passing of Richard Wilkins: Unsung International Pro-Life Hero Passes Away By Austin Ruse WASHINGTON DC, 30 November (C-FAM)  The story goes that Richard Wilkins was laying in his bed one night back in the 90's and could not sleep.  He could not get something out of his head, the crazy idea that he was supposed to go halfway around the world to som … [Read more...]

“Fiscal Cliff is Just Another Name for the Democrats’ Agenda”

  George Will on Democrats, limit government, and the budget: Four more years!   … [Read more...]

Wear Your Seatbelt!

  This seat belt commercial, produced in England, has been viewed on YouTube by nearly 16,000,000 people. I feel strongly about this matter. Members of my family have been involved in three separate car accidents within the past month and a half.  Two cars were totaled -- one belonging to my family, one to someone else -- and any of the three accidents could easily have resulted in a fatality or at least major injuries (but, mercifully, did … [Read more...]

So what?


    Fiscal cliff? Benghazi? The rise of Salafist militants among the apparently more and more successful Syrian rebels? Who cares? If Sandra Fluke's contraceptives are paid for by others and taxes are increased on the "rich," is there still an issue? And maybe freedom of speech is overrated. And socialism isn't really all that bad. When, after he had lost his bid for … [Read more...]