Are we doomed?



It may be hopeless.  Consider this, for example.  And then this follow-up.  And guess who might be Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” for 2012?  Right up there with Winston Churchill, Pope John XXIII, Dwight Eisenhower, Corazon Aquino, Martin Luther King, Pope John Paul II, and Anwar al-Sadat?  (See here for the answer.)


Meanwhile, as California, now under virtual one-party rule,  leads the rest of the nation Greece-ward into bankruptcy, its leaders focus on its most urgent needs.


But don’t despair.  Read this.  And ponder this.  And believe.



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  • Michael Towns

    Sandra Fluke huh? Wow. A self-absorbed, mooching parasite that wants you and me to pay for her uber-expensive pills so that she can have consequence-free sex on the public dime. Have we really fallen this far?

    • Lucy Mcgee

      Rick Warren, during a Piers Morgan interview, made a statement that Americans level of meanness during public discourse has increased markedly with the use of the internet. I wonder if Mr. Towns would call another person a self-absorbed mooching parasite to their face in a public forum?

      • danpeterson

        Obviously, you’re bothered by such language.

        Are you bothered at all, even a teensy tiny little bit, by the notion that American taxpayers are obligated to pay for Ms. Fluke’s contraceptives, so that she — a student at a highly ranked and very expensive law school who will almost certainly earn an annual income considerably higher than the American average — can pursue her extramarital sex life at minimal or no financial cost to herself?

        • Lucy Mcgee

          So in your estimation, is such language appropriate?

          • danpeterson

            In your estimation, are such demands appropriate?

          • Lucy Mcgee

            Whether her demands were appropriate or not has nothing to do with my original comment. Mr. Towns applied a label to Sandra Fluke the person, not her activities or statements. Just what species of parasite would best describe her? If people so easily resort to basement language which labels their fellow travelers as less than human, what possible outcome can using such language have? You, Dr. Peterson, as a scholar of language, most certainly realize the importance of its use and abuse in a public forum. What impact did calling the Rwandan Tutsi people cockroaches have on the mostly ignorant Hutu Interahamwe mindset regarding those they would slaughter. Reducing people, regardless of ideology, using subhuman labels brings out the worst, not the best in our thought and behavior. That was my point.

          • danpeterson

            And your point has no bearing on my question.

            Believe me, when and if I see any danger on the horizon of a genocidal war against Sandra Fluke, or even against all privileged thirty-something women demanding that others bear the expenses of their sexual activity, I will certainly speak up to oppose it!

  • b_nu

    Yes we have…

  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    Since she has earned herself notoriety, Ms Fluke will no doubt be offered a nice job somewhere. The top ranked students at Georgetown Law School, which is conveniently located on Capitol Hill so congressional staff members can attend, are getting jobs that start above $150,000 a year. No doubt she is incurreing significant debt to pay the tuition and books at that institution. Complaining that the school, which was founded by Jesuits, should be forced to pay for contraceptives as part of her student health insurance is like asking the Federal government to mandate that the school pay for dinner at McDonald’s once a week. Regardless if any principal involved, what is the Federal government doing getting involved in such trivial expenses and micromanaging such decisions?

    A simple alternative would be to encourage insurance companies to offer supplemental contraceptive insurance to those who want it. Of course it would cost the same as just buying it yourself, plys the cost of administration, but the rest of us would not be forced into giving the custimers money for stuff they can darn well afford themselves, especially if they can tack it onto the $50,000 a year student loans they are already taking out.