“Jesus Christ, Eternal God: Heavenly Flesh and the Metaphysics of Matter” and “The Mormon Moment”



Stephen H. Webb, a Roman Catholic scholar at Wabash College and the author of Jesus Christ, Eternal God: Heavenly Flesh and the Metaphysics of Matter (Oxford, 2011) —  which dedicates an entire chapter to the way that “Mormonism provides the most challenging, urgent, and potentially rewarding source for metaphysical renewal today” –will deliver this year’s Truman Madsen Lecture at the Wheatley Institution. The lecture will be held on Thursday evening, 15 November, at 7:30 in the Hinckley Center auditorium.  (I, alas, will be in Chicago for the annual joint meeting of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature.)


Also, today (Wednesday, 14 November) at 1:00 in JFSB B192 on the BYU campus, the Humanities Center will be hosting a colloquium about the “Mormon Moment” featuring philosophers Jim Faulconer (BYU) and Brian Birch (UVU).  (And, once again, I’ll be desperately trying to get a piece of writing done before my departure for Chicago tomorrow — it’s past deadline — and, consequently, can’t go.)



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