No More Years!


Never surrender.


I have strong opinions about politics — in case you haven’t noticed — but I don’t have any crystal ball that’s telling me who will win the presidential election.  The predictions are all over the map.


I tend, on the whole, to be a pessimist, so I rather expect to lose.


I have no question, though, about who ought to lose:


See this, for example, on the mainstream media’s failure to investigate the Obama administration’s lethal incompetence in Benghazi and Mr. Obama’s Nixonian cover-up of it.  (Don’t miss Democratic pollster Patrick Caddell’s impassioned remarks on shameful complicity of the media in the cover-up; his remarks are in a video toward the end of the article.)  And see this poem by Rudyard Kipling, grimly appropriate as we consider, in the light of the deaths in Benghazi, whether or not to retain Mr. Obama and his associates in Washington DC.


It’s not just “the economy, stupid,” though the economy constitutes entirely sufficient reason to dispatch Barack Obama and his failed associates.


The Obama administration’s handling of the Benghazi matter has been and remains utterly appalling.


But Mr. Obama and his supporters should be tossed from power for the sake of our culture, as well.


Consider these two pro-Obama ads:  The first is merely suggestive.  The second is (be warned) crude and obscene.  Imagine — just imagine! — the outrage that would reverberate throughout the media if pro-Romney people had created analogous ads.  Imagine the moral indignation if conservatives had suggested violent physical assault against Mr. Obama.


No more years!


Get out there and vote, Romney people.


And, Obama supporters, the election is on Thursday.



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