“No Room for an Inn”



My wife and I have just returned from a performance of the musical Savior of the World in the Conference Center Theater in Salt Lake City. The conductor is a close friend of ours.


It puts me in the mood to mention this interesting perspective from Dr. John Gee on an element of the Christmas story.  Not very traditional, and perhaps not very inspiring, but nonetheless interesting.



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  • George Weight

    Your article in mormontimes online about Les Mis is right on target. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Two other lines impress me: (1) “Tomorrow, we’ll discover what our God in Heaven nas in store”–an expression that, all doctrinal dogma to the contrary, most humans hunger for God to reveal himself, and voids the ideological notion that God has finished his work. (2) “One day more”–an obvious expression of the necessity to endure, one day at a time, to the end of our lives.

    Thanks. George Weight