No toil nor labor fear!



It was something like this, sort of.


There was no room for my knees, I couldn’t quite get comfortable enough for a nap, and, while I enjoyed a root beer, they didn’t even give me a stinking snack.  Not my usual airline, either, so we didn’t get priority boarding or a shortened security line.  And it took something like three and a half hours!


Somehow, though, I don’t imagine that the Mormon pioneers would have been particularly moved by the sad tale of my horrible sufferings as my wife and I flew essentially the same route (albeit in reverse) that they mostly walked back in 1846 and 1847 during their emigration from Nauvoo to the Great Basin.


In fact, we were here quickly enough to consider going to an evening play — our hotel is located in the Theater District, in the same building where the Book of Mormon musical is scheduled to open next month — though we eventually decided to save that for tomorrow night and, instead, simply to enjoy a leisurely dinner.  Which we really did:  We’re only 1.5 blocks from the wonderful German cuisine of The Berghoff, Chicago’s oldest restaurant.  Wienerschnitzel, Jägerschnitzel, Rotkohl, usw. — it took me right back to die Heimat.  And we’re close enough that I think we’ll get in at least one more visit!


No.  Wait.  I meant to sigh and to say “More suffering.”


We’re here for the annual joint meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion.  And for what Bill Hamblin and I call the bookanalia, which is the most fabulous display of discounted books on religion, philosophy, patristics, Islamic studies, archaeology, biblical studies, Buddhology, and etc. that I’ve ever seen or could ever conceive.


Posted from Chicago, Illinois.



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  • Chris H.

    “We’re here for the annual joint meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature and the American Academy of Religion.”

    Hey, me too!

    • danpeterson

      Fun town. I recommend the Berghoff Restaurant. And there’s some great Frank Lloyd Wright stuff around, especially (but not only) in the suburbs. And the Chicago Symphony is performing. And, of course, there’s the conference . . .