Screening and Panel Discussion, Tonight



There will be a showing, tonight, of the new film from the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy entitled Unresolvable: The Kingdom of God on Earth, followed by a panel discussion.


The film deals with religious disagreements in American society.


The screening will occur in the auditorium of the Olpin Student Union at the University of Utah tonight at 6:30 PM.  The panel discussion will follow, at approximately 7:50 PM.


I’m slated to be on the panel.  I’ll try to get there as soon as I can after my Qur’an class, which concludes at 5:15 PM on the BYU campus.


I hope there’s good parking somewhere adjacent to the Olpin Student Union.


Postscript (5:54 PM):  My apologies to all of the eager multitudes who wanted to hear me hold forth tonight.  One of my colleagues — the founder and director of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy — told me that he didn’t think it essential that I be on the panel tonight if it was difficult for me.  So, though I hadn’t asked for an out, I took it.  It’s been a long day, and I have some publishing deadlines looming at the end of the week.



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  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    I used to work in downtown Salt Lake and commute to Utah Valley University to teach an evening class one night a week. The traffic on I-15 was horrendous at that time of day, and that is a shorter drive than BYU to U of U.