Sigh. But at least my conscience is clear.


The ruins of the ancient Roman Forum


Barring some unimaginable miracle, the 2012 presidential race is over.


I find this deeply sad, because I genuinely do believe that President Obama has been a terrible president who has done — and will now continue to do — enormous damage to my country.


I’m sad, too, because one lesson that this election seems to present is that political conservatism of the kind in which I believe cannot now win a national election.  If we were unable to knock off so demonstrably incompetent a president with such a terrible economic record, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to defeat a stronger candidate at some point in the future.


Of course, the disgraceful complicity of the mainstream media in covering for the Obama administration on the fatal fiasco in Benghazi played something of a role in the last few weeks before the election.  Had Americans heard the full story of that appalling catastrophe, I’m reasonably confident that Mr. Obama would have lost.  But we conservatives have no basis for hoping that the media will lose their bias in the foreseeable future.


I take comfort in the thought that there are no permanent defeats in human history because, sadly, there are also no permanent victories.  Even mighty empires eventually die, as do bloodthirsty dictators.  But the grand cycles of human history are long, and I fear that the United States of America is solidly embarked on one — a cycle of reckless overspending, vastly overreaching government, dependency, economic anemia, interference with religious freedom, and moral-cultural decay — from which it won’t recover during my lifetime, and perhaps not even during that of my children.  At a very minimum, a Supreme Court reshaped to a large extent in Mr. Obama’s image will hold sway over the country for decades to come.


Fortunately, my hope has never ultimately rested on shifting temporal things.  And the eternal things, the things that really matter, remain.  No government can touch them; they lie securely beyond the reach of the State.



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  • Michael Towns

    Well said, sir. Well said. I pretty much agree with your sentiment in all respects in this matter.

  • Eric Stoddard.

    I’m ill.

  • Ryan

    I personally don’t understand why Americans are so viscerally opposed to the idea of secession. The country is divided politically, why not geographically? Would it really be such a big deal? The change would primarily be paper-work.

    • danpeterson

      I’m opposed to secession, too. But I understand the urge. A look at the red/blue electoral map speaks eloquently over the past couple of decades — and, if it’s broken down by counties rather than by states, absolutely screams “division.”

  • Beth


    I can’t really tell whether your are serious or not, but just in case you are: We tried that about 150 years ago. It didn’t end well.

    • Ryan

      Yes I’m serious, and yes I’m familiar with the Civil War.
      Secession doesn’t have to be violent, and America doesn’t have to be a gang that states can never leave.

  • Gail Smith

    I feel like a stranger in a strange land. Who are these people that have no vision or understanding. I’m grateful for this blog where people can see and weep.

    • danpeterson

      I know how you’re feeling.

  • Strategoi

    I just woke up, and saw the results. I feel real hollow, but now I realize that there is a purpose for us all as members of the Church. This next century will be America’s century of world hegemony (but it will still deal w/ threats), but when it falls, it seems to me that the Church needs to be like the Foundation (Isaac Asimov series) for America, (just like the Catholic Church was for Rome), and preserve the stories, and the grand ideas behind America, for all of our posterity. Because it’s the stories that matter, like Orson Scott Card said ( :

    “I’ve told you a lot of stories tonight. I think they’re true. I think that for America to survive as a Culture Strong and Good, we must stop telling the stories that are destroying both our Strength and our Goodness, and work to combine the best parts of what’s old and what’s new into stories that will remake us, into not only a society that can last, but also one which should last.

    The stakes are so high that it’s worth making the attempt, even if it turns out that it’s already too late to keep this culture from self-destruction. Even then, there would still be the hope of building something Good and Strong among the ashes.

    Why do people do things that they know are not good for them? Because somebody has told them a lot of stories that sound good, but which are not true. Or because they prefer to go about their own business, thinking that the culture will take care of itself, without any particular attention or sacrifice from them.

    America needs better stories, and it needs people who will hear them, believe them, and act on them. You are members of the culture; you act and speak within your homes, jobs, and the many communities you belong to. “

  • JL

    Pull up our bootstraps and hang on for an ugly ride. The continued decline of our nation is well underway.

  • William Schryver

    In retrospect, I don’t believe media coverage of the Benghazi affair would have made any difference, nor do I believe Romney would have been any better off attempting to make the Benghazi affair a more prominent issue in the campaign.

    We blithely deceived ourselves that the pre-election polls were skewed on account of their assumptions about the composition of the electorate. The election itself has proven, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the electorate of the United States is, in fact, permanently altered such that neither Mitt Romney nor any other candidate espousing similar principles could possibly be elected.

    We vainly hoped to persuade the country that we were standing at some portentous fork in the road. The simple reality — seen so much more clearly today than yesterday — is that the fork in question was passed long ago.

    See my reaction here:

    • danpeterson

      You may well be right. And, if so, that’s unutterably depressing.

  • Milissa Boyer Kafes

    Amen, brother Peterson and bless you and the other posters on this thread.

  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    In the long run, I note that the Church is the major force fir changing the viewpoint of the people in the US. Other churches are in decline numerically. But if the Second Coming does not intervene, and if there is not some other.inherent celing that interferes, LDS membership in the US could reach.100,000,000 by 2100.

  • natasha pizorno

    This election epitomized the ancient prophets calling the people to repent of their wickedness. America chose to worship the golden calf rather than look to God and change their evil ways. Obama the golden calf provides the easy path to bondage while righteousness and freedom are hard work. Only 10% of the Israelites left Egypt. The other 90% chose slavery and a free meal rather than face the risk of utilizing their agency. Only 30% of the colonists chose to declare independence from the king. It is up to the elect to continue to forge a path of light and truth. Sadly those who choose God and freedom will always be a minority, but we will have a perfect God on our side!

  • Fletch

    Secession!!! I live in Utah, but I am a liberal who voted for Obama. If anything, Obama is too conservative. So, what would you do with folks like myself?? I certainly don’t support secession. I’m happy to be an American. I’m an American first and a Utahan second.

    • danpeterson

      What would I do with you? Hmmm. Let me think. I’m ambivalent on capital punishment, so you’re probably safe . . .

  • Louis Midgley

    I thought that my well-developed pessimism, bordering on cynicism, about voting and elections, coupled with much disgust with the media, including talking heads on TV, had prepared me for the results of this election. I was, it seems, wrong. I did not really expect, but hoped to see Romney elected.

    If the talking heads are right, Romney did very well with both white men and women. What led to his defeat was not a srious problem with those folks, nor was it Protestant bigotry about our faith. To put it bluntly, it seems that many, many millions voted for him despite his magic underwear, and his not having discussed the details of his faith. What seems to have caused his defeat were changes in the composition of voters. He failed to attract support from Latinos, Asians and Blacks, and especially Black women. The very large number of folks who do not pay income tax–those Obama called the “middle class”–saw him as merely a slick rich dude, while Obama appealed to a new wave of populism that afflicts elections in cycles. I will, of course, recover.

    What really troubles me is re-election of a Democrat who spent millions telling fibs about Mia Love, who just happens to be an attractive Black, LDS, Republican. It made me ill when I discovered this morning that she lost by a few hundred votes.

    • Stephen Smoot

      I happen to know Jim Matheson and his family. I home taught his parents several years ago, and got to meet Jim on a number of occasions. (He lives down the street from my parents in SLC.) My sister also worked for him as some sort of intern years ago when he was just beginning his career in politics.

      To insinuate some sort of racism on his part is not only false, but totally irresponsible, Louis. I don’t know about him telling “fibs” (can you name me a single politician who hasn’t done that, including Mia Love?) but he’s not a racist.

  • Stephen Smoot

    Please don’t tell me I’m the only one appalled at the rhetoric being throw around here. Okay, I get it, you’re upset that Romney lost. That’s fine. You have a right to be upset. But contemplating secession? SERIOUSLY? “Would it really be such a big deal?” you ask? Of course it would! You’re talking about secession for crying out loud. It would have massive social, economic, and political consequences for the United States, and the world. And almost certainly it would be attended by bloodshed.

    Someone else compared Obama to the Golden Calf, and claimed that those on government welfare are no different than complacent Israelite slaves (who “chose” to be slaves, no less) under the evil Egyptians (Obama and his supporters). Why don’t they just use their agency, she asks, as if all people on welfare and government assistance are just lazy tools who don’t want to get their butts to work. (By the way, King Benjamin had some harsh words for this kind of attitude towards the poor. Mosiah 4:16-19.)

    She then goes to claim that only the “elect” will “forge a path of light and truth” because they have “God on our side”. Presumably she means that Republicans who voted for Romney against those eeeeeevilll Democrats are God’s elect. REALLY? She doesn’t think that Democrats are concerned with truth and light? How about Larry Echo Hawk, Marlin K. Jensen, Steven E. Snow? How about the scores of faithful, temple recommend carrying Mormons who voted for Obama? Are they not concerned about “truth” and “right”? Are they not God’s “elect” because they voted for Obama.

    Dan, I know you sympathize with a lot of these sentiments, but I would urge you to please be more selective in what you let people post on your blog unchallenged. These kind of comments are just totally unbecoming of Latter-day Saints and Americans, and make people much less inclined to want to read your otherwise thoughtful and engaging comments.

    In the mean time, before we start jumping to thoughts of secession and condemning the poor as willfully choosing slavery, I recommend we all take a big deep breath and look to this statement by the First Presidency as a guide to how we should react.

    Notice this: “We invite Americans everywhere, whatever their political persuasion, to pray for the President, for his administration and the new Congress as they lead us through difficult and turbulent times.” That sure as hell doesn’t mean to start fantasizing about seceding against the President because you don’t support him!!

    • danpeterson

      I allow considerable latitude in comments here. I don’t permit only those that I agree with or whose mode of expression I would personally emulate.

      I am, among others, approving yours!

      • Stephen Smoot

        And for that, I thank you. I know my liberal whining must come across as annoying, so the fact that you put up with me at all I count as a blessing. ;-)

        All I’m asking for is more moderation from all of us as we express our opinions and discuss these issues.

        It’s not the end of the world, after all. (Well, I guess it will be in about a month.)

    • Strategoi

      A wise point of moderation, and counterpoint as always Stephen

  • natasha pizorno

    Apparently some are under the dillusion that caring for the poor should be relegated to the government and those who prefer to help individually rather than by force through taxes are less charitable and loving. Those who vote for candidates who promise utopia via the government rather than through God and individual responsibility are selling a golden calf and stunting the spiritual growth of others. Christ taught us this with his example of giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish. Which one is really more compassionate? Dependency is bondage! The poor would be better served with an economic environment that permits them to find a viable job. Even the LDS church doesn’t promote something for nothing when they help those in need. They know this would destroy people’s souls.

  • Noel

    Look at it another way. The hate radio industry and Fox will have a field day scaring their followers that they all be sent off to death camps and an increase in profits (tapes, videos, speeches). Bill Maher is probably sad because he would have had a subject for provide him with plenty of material. Why is it that people only gravitate towards media that supports their biases? Don’t you really think there is something silly about calling Obama a secret Muslim of a socialist?

    • danpeterson

      Bill Maher is an ass, of course. But your characterization of Fox News is ignorant and false, and if, by “hate radio,” you mean people like Rush Limbaugh, you’re simply hallucinatory.

  • Lucy Mcgee

    FOX News is the product of Rupert Murdoch whose number one interest is profit, nothing more. He grew his media empire beginning with his once flagship News of the World which was shut down after it was discovered that its reporters were hacking into people’s private messages. FOX is anything but fair and balanced. Rush Limbaugh is simply a nasty human with no redeeming qualities.

    • danpeterson

      The principal investors in MOST news agencies, including such holy icons of the left as the New York Times, are chiefly if not solely interested in profit. This is what we rightwing nutcases called “business.” So what? The fact that investors in a news agency seek to make a profit goes precisely no distance toward proving that it doesn’t do good journalism. Your assertion is intellectual laziness masquerading as serious thought.

      So, too, with your judgments on Fox News directly and on Rush Limbaugh, whom I have found funny and often quite incisive.

      Simple disagreement with you doesn’t make people evil.

      Of course, come to think of it, there have long been non-profit sources for news and information. Pravda, Izvestia, the New China News Agency, the Völkischer Beobachter, and, in fiction, Orwell’s Ministry of Truth come immediately to mind.

      • William Schryver

        I made a point of cycling through FoxNews, CNN, and MSNBC during the last several months of the presidential campaign. While I am, admittedly, a conservative (with strong libertarian leanings), my judgment is that, aside from Hannity (who actually irritates me more often than not), Fox News is, by far, the most “fair and balanced” of the three big cable news outlets. In fact, what I have discovered is that those who complain most about how radically biased Fox is do not and have never even watched it! In my opinion, Bill O’Reilly is far and away the most “fair and balanced” of all the leading news personalities. I don’t listen to Limbaugh. Never have. So I can’t speak to whether or not he is the demon he is made out to be by the fanatic liberals–of which there are several in my extended family.

        My three oldest children (ages 27, 25, and 19) have become what I would characterize as “fanatic liberals.” I find it alternately amusing and distressing that none of the three is even remotely well-informed about any of the important issues of the day. Their inclination towards liberal candidates is based exclusively on their notions that Republicans seek to deprive gays and women of their civil liberties. None of them has even the most superficial understanding of economic issues. That’s undoubtedly my fault (and that of their grandparents), for the simple reason that we have been supporting them economically their entire lives to date. None of them has yet had to work for anything. They don’t know what it means to stand on their own two feet, let alone pay taxes, since they have never had to do it before now. That is about to change–permanently. So I hope they are able to get “the government” to provide for them in the fashion to which they have previously become accustomed. Somehow I have good reason to believe they have a number of big–and extremely sobering–surprises coming their way in the immediate future …

  • Kerry A. Shirts

    The unavoidable fact, that I have written on in this election is, if you are a kind of thinker who supposes God really is in charge, and does care about the world, and influence it, and that his plan simply will not fail, nor can it, then God obviously did not want Romney in office, nor is he angry about allowing Obama in office. After all, were we to actually give credence to the ancient Biblical stories as repositories of truth, we already know that when people get wicked God finds a way to kill them off. Either through his own way (floods, hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, you name it – all really stupid ways I might add), or making the Israelites do his dirty work for him. Obama won for a simple reason, because God allowed it, nay, wanted it. More prayers were offered with more sincerity for Obama than for Romney. What other conclusion is possible with those who think prayers work? For Romney fans, God has failed to answer your prayers, for Obama fans, God is good, God is great. Dems da facts for religious thinkers to ponder. IF God really is in charge, it wasn’t those nasty evil liberal medias doing their conniving work at manipulating reality at all. It is because God is just O.K. with it. Otherwise, there is no way Obama would be in office. Romney fans, God did not answer your prayers, and all the conspiracy evil theories against Obama won’t change that.

    • danpeterson

      Sophistry of the most transparently fallacious kind, Kerry. I hope you don’t imagine yourself to have been making a serious point.

      There are, of course, theologies (e.g., Calvinism, post-ninth-century Ash‘arite Islam, and perhaps the theodicy of Leibniz) that believe that absolutely everything that happens is God’s will. However, and as you presumably once understood, Mormonism isn’t among them.

      Belief in God, in and of itself, doesn’t logically entail the proposition that God approves of every aspect of the status quo.

  • Kerry A. Shirts

    Dan Peterson says:
    Bill Maher is an ass, of course. But your characterization of Fox News is ignorant and false, and if, by “hate radio,” you mean people like Rush Limbaugh, you’re simply hallucinatory.

    Kerry notes:
    Is this why he actually felt it necessary for apologizing for calling a teenager a “whore”? No hate in that is there. Nah, didn’t think so. I can actually feel the love… REALLY! It was said in pure love. I even listened to the recording of him saying that, and he sounded as loving as Boyd K. Packer in General Conference. Just pure unadulterated truth and love form our Rush…….yep.

    • danpeterson

      I’m assuming that, at least once in your life, you felt obliged to apologize for something.

      Here’s a proposal for you: Let’s take the set of actions for which you felt obliged to apologize, ignore the set containing all of the other actions that you’ve performed over the course of your life, and pronounce judgment upon your character based upon the most hostile possible reading of the set of your actions that we’ve carefully selected and retained.

      Good grief, Kerry. What’s happened to you?

  • Kerry A. Shirts

    Natasha said:
    Christ taught us this with his example of giving a man a fish versus teaching him how to fish. Which one is really more compassionate?

    Kerry asks:
    Let me make sure I am understanding you right here…. you say giving to the poor makes them dependent and is positively evil, and you use an example of Jesus who did just that, but it’s O.K. now because Jesus did it?! Am I catching the drift here correctly? So here we have the God-Man who COULD have given everyone the same gift he had of multiplying food, and instead only merely fed a few thousand people (and then only twice, since through the vast concourse of the last 2,000 years, we are now up to over 16,000,000 starving to death babies every year) and didn’t teach them or give them the gift to be able to actually solve world hunger, but you are impressed by this?!

    • danpeterson

      Kerry, where did all the bargain-basement village-atheist rhetoric suddenly come from?

  • Kerry A. Shirts

    Stephen Smoot noted:
    She then goes to claim that only the “elect” will “forge a path of light and truth” because they have “God on our side”. Presumably she means that Republicans who voted for Romney against those eeeeeevilll Democrats are God’s elect.

    Kerry adds:
    This is *precisely* why the Republicans are frothing at the mouth now. They have PROOF, and the rest of the world sees it also, and there is no way so smooth it over, hide it, or recontextualize it, that God obviously loves those evil Democrats more. Obviously, in this election, God is NOT on the Republicans side. This kind of myopic thinking in religion was soundly refuted by Hugh Nibley decades ago, and obviously no one got the point. God is on OUR side they chant. As if anyone knows what God is, or even thinks, or even cares about actually. It is typical human thinking alone who proposes such immature, shallow thinking as pretending that God is on OR side. This election, above all, PROVES (from that stupid kind of thinking basis) that God is NOT on “our” side (if you are a Republican). The proof is absolutely undeniable in every way. The thinking we’re so righteous and the light of the world that we cannot lose because God love US is also soundly refuted when God obviously ignores the prayers of those oh so righteous ones, and answers the prayers of the pinkos, lesbians, slaves, commies, liberals, sluts, whores, and Democrats. And I just betchta it is galling to have the evidence and proof slap them so soundly in the face. No wonder they whine!

    • danpeterson

      This is a nonsensical caricature, Kerry. Please stop embarrassing yourself.

  • Kerry A. Shirts

    Characature Dan? I have already had many neighbors wonder to me out loud how God could possibly have let Obama be re-elected. They presumed God would answer their prayers and get Romney in. Well? Are you yet aware of the results of the election? Obviously prayers were NOT answered? Is this rhetoric to point out such obviousness? Has reason left us for so long we think it is now a mere puff of worthless rhetoric, even with the evidence? Tell me, were YOUR prayers answered in this election about the candidate you wanted in? You………WERE praying for it weren’t you?
    I am using reason against ridiculously silly and shallow religious thinking myopia. Your mischaracterizing it is fascinating.

    • danpeterson

      Don’t bother citing to me laments allegedly expressed by some proportion or other of some unspecified number of your unnamed neighbors, and unsympathetically rephrased by you, as if they’re theological propositions that I’m supposed to be bound by.

  • Kerry A. Shirts

    None of us are bound by any of it. The point, which I am more than sure you are aware of is, people ARE thinking like this. It is the naivete of this kind of religious thinking I am refuting with the impeccible logic of the evidence that Obama won, thus proving that God is on HIS side. I know this is silly. You know this is silly, but what about the others who in church are simply told God is on OUR side, and they swallow the swill hook, line, and sinker, and live their lives by this? Those are the ones who I am talking to who have never bothered at least asking if that kind of thinking can be coherent. We know it can’t and we also know there are millions who disagree with us. That is what I am pointing out.

    • danpeterson

      Honestly, I haven’t heard a single person saying anything like this. Not one. And I live in an area that has several Mormons.

  • Kerry A. Shirts

    And 16,000,000 babies starving to death worldwide with their mothers helplessly looking on praying more fervently for their children than Joseph Smith ever did about which church is right is simply not some garbage basement atheist thinking, but actually occurring. We are told by countless instances of God performing miracles of curing tooth aches in people all the while the logic screams out of the utter silliness of the numerous “miracles” occurring that absolutely are beneath an aOmniGod who, we are taught, actually does LOVE us and the world and would do anything for us, yet heals a toothache, or helps a football team win their championship, while letting tens of millions of babies starve to death. It is imbecilic to credit God with such worthless contemptible “miracles” while ignoring far more necessary and important things that NEED to be done in the world, and ought to be done by a loving God, but are virtually and forever being ignored millenium after millenium. Little Johnny left the gate open and the family cow got lost in the dead of winter, and the family needed that cow to survive, so with a prayer of faith he finds the cow, and God is granted the miracle. Yet God, who obviously can do miracles, allows so much vastly more left completely alone. It is simply illogical. Especially considering what we have been taught God supposed feels about us, his children.

    What happened to me? I am finally seeing the canard of the faith proposition as a basis of reality. I am waking up to the incredible power of actually using reasoning, logic, critical thinking, and justifiable evidence as a basis of truth as opposed to what I have been spoon fed since primary about it all. And it is truly astonishing to me. So, nothing much has happened, other than I am finally learning how to think. And it is quite refreshing actually. Life even has gotten a little brighter because of it.

    • danpeterson

      There’s no question that the problem of evil is the greatest challenge facing theists. And (though there’s some excellent, incisive writing on it) I don’t pretend that there’s a neat, wholly satisfying answer to it, though I expect that someday we’ll understand.

      However, I’ll say this: I myself have received answers to prayers, and seen miracles, that I find it impossible to deny. These are, to use your term, “justifiable evidence” to me, and it would be dishonest for me to dismiss them. How do I reconcile those with global suffering? I don’t. I don’t pretend to understand the mind of God. But I also won’t pretend that they didn’t happen to me — and I won’t cave in to your ridicule of them — simply because I haven’t yet managed to come up with a comprehensive theory that explains both them and Darfur, and that wraps both up with a pretty little bow.

  • Axel Bromley

    Wow Kerry, thanks for so perfectly demonstrating the powerful hate and disdain you have for those of us who believe in God. Amalekites sounding almost, were you previously a member? I have seen similar passion from many Democrats. The party of tolerance? Only if it matches your views (which as near as I can tell is to make sure you don’t have a strong conviction outside of abortion, keeping the poor poor and erroding the family unit), as you so perfectly are showing here. Did God ordain Obama to be the president? Not if you believe in free agency, as all Mormons do. Does he ordain killing, rapes and people spewing hate filled posts on blogs? I don’t think so. I think He respects free agency and honors that. If America wanted Obama, then that is a reflection of what America wanted, not God. I believe the same would have held true had Romney been elected.

    And why do you keep hitting the babies who are dying as some proof that God is cruel and never answers prayers? Did you ever know any person who did not die? Like the increasing taxes those of us with jobs know we are going to have to pay, it is something that is inevitable for all, so why lament the timing? I can assure you we do not. We do not think we are earthly beings having a spiritual experience, rather spiritual beings having an earthly one trying to learn faith, love, understanding of others and how to control our emotions. It seems the last two are something you do not believe in, so let’s just allow the gulf between our two ways of life at that. Or keep going off your rocker and prove to us how truly different we are from you. And please give my condolences to your neighbors. I have noticed that when a person is full of hate in one area, it usually isn’t long until it spreads to all areas. Good luck with that and we will pray for you to be happy. And then you will have your free agency to go out and either make that happen or not.

  • Kerry A. Shirts

    You misunderstand that I am angry, no biggie……

  • Collin

    Mr. Peterson,

    I think that you make Mitt Romney out to be a better candidate than he was. He had several serious missteps and gaffes in his campaign and he has had serious credibility issues. Furthermore, he did not do enough to present a positive message. He was going to get rid of Obamacare, but what was he going to replace it with? What are the main themes of his economic plan? Most people don’t know. He had no “9-9-9″ plan, no big vision. Romney-Ryan had the upper hand in the Medicare debate and then just went silent. Ryan let Biden win on this issue in the VP debate. It was astounding! Romney also went nice in the last debate. He should have said things like, “I can promise the American people that I will NEVER take credit for what Seal team 6 does.” But he was nice and backed off of Bengazi. Nice conservatives (Ford, Bush 41) lose. Strong conservatives (Reagan) win. So I think that future conservatives can win, if they do it right.

  • Collin

    Mr. Peterson,

    The problem of evil is the silliest and simplest problem to resolve because IF there is evil in the world, then God MUST exist. Without God, then there is merely preference (I like this outcome, or I don’t like THAT outcome). What anti-theists forget is that if there is a problem of Evil when God exists, then they have a problem of Good if God does not exist. The problem of evil can only be a problem if you have an objective, non-relativistic morality, which, as I know you know, can only exist with God. If you can identify evil, then you know that there must be good, and whence the good? From evolution? Impossible. Only preference comes from evolution or naturalism. When you see a shadow, you know that light must exist.

    • danpeterson

      Thank you for an important post.