So what?



Big deal.



Fiscal cliff?




The rise of Salafist militants among the apparently more and more successful Syrian rebels?


Who cares?


If Sandra Fluke’s contraceptives are paid for by others and taxes are increased on the “rich,” is there still an issue?


And maybe freedom of speech is overrated.


And socialism isn’t really all that bad.


When, after he had lost his bid for re-election as mayor of New York, Ed Koch was asked whether he would ever again seek political office, he responded “No, the people have spoken.  And they deserve to be punished.”


I sympathize.


My conscience is clear.  I voted against all this.


Although, alas, when the ship goes down I’m almost certain to go down with it.  There are no viable life boats, or I’d be in one.



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  • Collin

    Well, someone’s optimistic today.

    Actually I hope that if the Republicans can avoid blame for the upcoming compromise over the fiscal cliff (if there is one) then the democrats can be blamed and in two years we’ll have another wave election. Then the republicans will suddenly become fiscally conservative. But maybe I’m dreaming.

  • Alison Moore Smith

    Collin, you’re dreaming. America has had 4 years to see what’s going on. They voted for it with their eyes wide open. And their hands out.