Thinking the Unthinkable — Should It Be Allowed?



Are studies such as this still permitted?  Should those who conducted the research and published this article be punished?  Shouldn’t they, at the least, be howled at as bigots, denounced as merchants of hate, and, to the extent possible, silenced and ignored?


Anyway, who cares?



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  • TJ

    I fail to understand your indignation. All this article shows is that it is mathematically possible to legitimately manipulate a statistical sample with sufficiently little source data to serve ones agenda. Sure it’s not ethical but it hardly demands the outrage shown by yourself.

    • danpeterson

      LOL. And you might even be serious!

  • dangermom

    Just yesterday I happened to help a student looking for case studies about same-sex families. There are quite a few articles coming out of BYU Law about this issue–they were all over the database.