Pay attention!


I’ve just returned from voting.


My polling station was Hillcrest Elementary School in Orem, Utah.


The lines were very, very, very long.  I stood there for roughly an hour and forty minutes.


Unfortunately, the actual polling booths were mostly empty during that time.  The bottleneck came at the voter registry book.  There was only one of them, and several precincts had been combined.  (Our normal polling station, Cherry Hill Elementary School, is being substantially rebuilt, so was unavailable.)  So it took a lot of time to get past the voter registry.


Conditions may be a bit better now.  They requested volunteers at our polling place, and several people (including my wife) stepped forward.  But the fundamental issue was getting hold of at least one more voter registry book, so as to expedite the process.


I saw a number of people drop out of the line, saying that they simply couldn’t afford the 1.5-2.0 hours required.


I hope that they’ll come back.  It would be an irony if the voter turnout were suppressed here in Utah.


Things seemed to be somewhat improved by the time I was actually able to cast my ballot.


But please, please, go and vote.  And bring something to read or to listen to.  Allow time.


And, if you’re able, volunteer to help.  They may still need additional poll workers.  If you commit to volunteer, you’ll need to stay there until 8 PM (in Utah, anyway).  So bring something to eat.   Or eat first.



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  • Robbie C

    I just voted up here in Cottonwood heights. No line. No wait. Well, I did have to sit down for about 20 seconds until a booth opened up. And I’m not surprised your wife volunteered to help. She’s one of the greatest ladies I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing.

    • danpeterson

      You’re certainly right with regard to my wife.