“Variants in the Stories of the First Vision of Joseph Smith and the Apostle Paul”



Caravaggio, “Conversion of Saul on the Road to Damascus”


I’m pleased to report (albeit belatedly) that Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Thought published John A. Tvedtnes’s “Variants in the Stories of the First Vision of Joseph Smith and the Apostle Paul”  on Friday.


I’ve known John Tvedtnes since I arrived as a student in Jerusalem in 1978; he was an instructor there for BYU and a student himself at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  For several years, until he retired in 2007 and moved to Arkansas, he was a valued colleague at what is now the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship.  It’s good to have him as a contributor to Interpreter and as an editor.


Posted from Carmel, Indiana.



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  • Craig

    Your link to Tvedtnes’s article is broke- it should read “http:/www.mormoninterpreter.com/variants-in-the-stories-of-the-first-vision-of-joseph-smith-and-the-apostle-paul/”.

    I enjoy your blog!

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    • danpeterson

      Fixed. I think.

  • Jon

    Is this a reprint of a Meridian Magazine article by Tvedtnes?

    • danpeterson

      Possibly so. I have no idea. But if I have no idea, others probably have no idea, either, which likely means that it doesn’t much matter . . .

  • http://bit.ly/sDh4Qj Rodney Meldrum

    Wait…. you are the editor and you don’t know if the piece has been printed elsewhere?

    Seems a bit odd.

    • danpeterson

      Apparently unlike you, Rod, I’m not omniscient, and, definitely unlike you, I don’t do this for a living.