Volunteers Desperately, Desperately Needed


Ann Romney, with anonymous bodyguard


This just arrived from a friend:


I just got this bad news from the Romney campaign a few minutes ago.  They really need some people to step up to fill 50 cancellations to go to Nevada from November 2-6.  The buses leave from various places in Idaho and Utah on Friday.  Buses leave Orem at about 4:45 p.m. on Friday.  You may want to place this email I received from the Romney campaign on your blog.  Take care, _________ .


Katrina Cammack

Romney Deployment Director

Hello everyone,


Thank you all so much for your dedication to ensuring that we elect Mitt Romney as our next President of the Unites States! We appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment more than you know. Unfortunatelywe have had quite a few cancellations for this weekend. We now have about 50 available seats.


The race in Nevada is going to be very close, the margin of victory is projected to only be 400 to 2,000 votes. Each deployed volunteer can turn out at least 20 people over 2 days. Losing 50 deployed volunteers equates to at least 1,000 votes. Every person can make a difference, and I know that we can fill these empty seats and ensure that Governor Romney will be our next President!


We have been doing deployments for the last 5 weeks, and we have seen the results of previous deployments’ hard work. Last weekend, our deployed volunteers covered more ground than we projected that they could, and we saw a considerable spike in the early voting results.


Please recruit your family members and friends to join us this weekend, November 2nd – 6th. Have them email me at katrina@utgop.org with the following information:


1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Date of Birth

4. Address

5. Email Address

6. Cell phone number

7. Pickup location (Idaho, Orem, or Midvale office)

8. roommate preference

Thank you for your help!


Katrina Cammack

Romney Deployment Director



I would go if I could, but I can’t.  I have to leave this afternoon for lectures and meetings in Indianapolis, and won’t be back home until Monday night.  The best that I can do is to post this and hope that some of you out there will grab family members and friends and join up.  (Make it a fun, unique, and memorable outing!)  But, if you can’t do that, please at least share this with others.  Fifty people could make a very big difference.  They could even make history.



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