Vote Early and Often! (And, Oh Yes, Please Vote in That Presidential Election Thingy, Too.)

This in from FAIR:
Mormon FAIR-Cast Nominated for Podcast Award
The People’s Choice Podcast Awards are an annual set of awards given to the best podcasts as voted on by listeners. This year, over 9 million votes were cast and over 5,000 shows were nominated over the 15 day voting period. Ten shows were chosen as nominees in each of 22 different categories. The Podcast Awards Ceremony will be held at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas on January 7th, 2013!
FAIR’s podcast, known as the Mormon FAIR-Cast, which is located at, has been nominated for the second year in a row to receive a Podcast Award in the “Religion Inspiration” category. We consider this nomination a great honor.
How We Were Nominated
Nominations were open for 15 days in October. The 50 podcasts in each category that received the most votes were reviewed by a 44-member committee that took a variety of factors into account in order to narrow the finalists down to 10 in each category. The total number of votes a podcast received accounted for only 40% of the grading, with the quality of the website’s design (15%), quality of sound (15%), quality of deliverance and show format (10%), and relevance of content (20%) also being considered.
What We Would Like You To Do
Final voting for the awards began today, November 1st, and will end on November 15 at 11:59pm HST. Each person (verified by IP address) may vote ONCE EACH DAY during the 15 days that voting is open. In other
words, a single person can cast 15 votes if he or she votes once each day.  Please support the Mormon FAIR-Cast by casting your vote at this address:
Remember, you can vote once each day for the 15 days voting is open, and voting only takes a moment.
 To vote, go to and find the Mormon FAIR-Cast entry. It is listed under the Religion Inspiration category, which isnear the bottom of the page on the right.  It is the third category up
from the bottom. Click on the Mormon FAIR-Cast entry. Then scroll down and enter your name and email address. Click on the button that describes you best (Listener, Podcaster, or Both.) For most of you
that will be “Listener.” Then click on the submit button on the right.  Please spread the word by telling your friends. Even if we don’t win the voting, we hope this will raise awareness of the great resources
we have. If we do win, it is even better. You can post a link with instructions on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Remind your friends to vote each day, and thank you for your continued support of FAIR.
 Posted from Carmel, Indiana.

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  • Andre Mostert

    I guess Carmel, remember that’s Indiana Car’ mel not like the California Car Mel’, is close enough that you can headline with our Ilinois State trademarked slogan…”Vote Early, Vote Often,” especially when it is for a good cause. Of course on this side of the border it is the Chicago slogan for the Presidential election also.
    And what were you doing in the home of our future temple?

    • danpeterson

      I’ve lunched with the leadership of the Islamic Society of North America, attended Friday noon prayers at their mosque, spoken at a cottage meeting, led a tour through the Islamic art exhibit at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and delivered the first of two firesides.