“Why Was One Sixth of the 1830 Book of Mormon Set from the Original Manuscript?”



I’m pleased to announce that Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture has, yet again, published a new article — which means that, thus far, it’s posted something new every single Friday, without fail, since its launch in early August.


I don’t know that we can continue at this pace, though I hope we can, but it’s pretty remarkable in view of the fact that Interpreter was only conceived at the very end of July.


The fact is that many of those of us who are doing this — look at the list of board members, for example — have done it before.  Many of us are refugees from FARMS.  We’ve been around the block.  We know what we’re doing, and how to do it.  And the rest, a younger set, bring an energy and creativity and technical savvy to the project that has made it extraordinarily dynamic.


Today’s posted article is a piece by the irreplaceable Royal Skousen, whose meticulous work on the textual history of the Book of Mormon represents one of the greatest monuments — ever — of Latter-day Saint scholarship.


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