A Brief Postscript on “Smithmas”


Latter-day Saints believe Joseph Smith
to have been a prophet of the Lord
and an apostle of Jesus Christ.
Nothing more, but also nothing less.


I’ve just spent a few minutes surveying posts from some of those who continue, in the face of fact and reason and intellectual integrity, to insist that Latter-day Saints celebrate “Smithmas” at the expense of Christmas.


So far as I can tell, to the extent that they care about actual evidence and fairness (which may, I admit, be minimal), they seem to regard any positive allusion to Joseph Smith or to Joseph Smith’s birthday at Christmas season, however passing or brief or incidental it may be, as proof confirming the entirety of their ridiculous myth of “Smithmas.”


This is, obviously, grotesquely unreasonable.  “Smithmas” remains an unusually flagrant and easily demonstrated lie.  But I suppose it helps them to sleep at night.


Whatever the motivations for this slander, their insistence on such an obvious untruth should suggest to any fair observer that it might be unwise to take their more general accusations against the Church at face value.


Posted from Kendall (Miami), Florida.



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  • Crystal the Crybaby

    What a horrible depressing life you have have.

    • Erich Zann

      At least he’s got you to brighten his days, right? If Dr. Peterson’s life depresses you so much, maybe you should stop thinking about him.

  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    I once mentioned in my Gospel Doctrine lesson that Sir Isaac Newton was born on December 24. He was actually a serious student of the Bible. Does that mean that we were worshipping Newton? Or that we were worshipping the God that Newton wrote about?

    Joseph Smith dedicated his short life to teaching the message of Jesus Christ and His status as Jehovah, Creator, and Savior. As Truman Madsen said, Joseph was a window through which we can see Christ more clearly.

    I can’t help observing that a lot of modern Protestant pastors have built up ministries where they are personally glorified and exalted by their followers. By contrast, the weekly worship experience of the Latter-day Saints is conducted by amateurs, and neighbors and peers, and is centered on Jesus Christ.

  • Eldon S. Greaves

    I have finally figured it out. The Smithmas worshipers must be an “underground” arm of the WLDS (wacky Latterday Saints). I have celebrated Christmas in many parts of the world in what I thought and was also told were LDS congregations. I cannot recall ever being invited to one of the WLDS meetings. I have attended Christmas Sacrament meetings in Beirut, Lebanon, Seraing, Belgium, Namur Belgium, Geopingen, Germany, Salt Lake City, and for the last 52 years in Salem, Or. At no time until the present have I ever heard of Smithmas, even though I have held various positions of responsibility which is not uncommon in a lay church. So, my question to the Smithmas crowd: Do you get a “tingle up your leg” or something like that when you meet to celebrate Smithmas? Where and when do you meet? Does everybody wear pants? Look. If you want to become a successful “breakoff church”, you need a leader who has some marketing skills. As far as I can tell from my limited exposure to LDS sacrament meetings in a few countries, nobody I know has ever heard about your whacky doctrine. Come on, you guys! Where is your Leadership?