A Matter of Enormous Personal Excitement for Me


Overlooking the Traunsee, near Gmunden, Austria


I had a deeply exciting experience this morning, one that testifies to the really miraculous power of the Internet and social media to bring far distant parts of the world together.


I’ve referred previously, on this blog, to my father’s experiences in World War Two and, very specifically, to a 1945 portrait of him that was painted in the beautiful Austrian lakeside town of Gmunden by Theo Detter.  (See, for example, here and, with an actual iPhone image of the painting, here.)


Today, Theo Detter III contacted me via the comments sections of those two entries.   I couldn’t possibly have been more surprised or pleased.  My father would have been absolutely thrilled.


There is, I’ve now learned, a Detter Museum in the vicinity of Gmunden, and a Facebook page for it.  I’ll certainly visit it when I’m next in Gmunden.





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  • Kerry A. Shirts

    KEWL! We really do live in an AMAZING time! I’m very happy for you finding this!

  • Gail Smith

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture and your amazing news. You are incredible, and I
    appreciate your contribution in my life. Merry Christmas

    • danpeterson

      What a kind note! Thank you!