“Biblical and Non-Biblical Quotations in the Sermons and Epistles of Paul”


Paul in prison


I’m pleased to report that Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture published yet another article yesterday while I was watching Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movie in Orlando, Florida, preparatory to flying back to Utah.


That’s twenty-three (23) articles or reviews in the twenty-two (22) Fridays since Interpreter was founded over a meal at the Olive Garden in Provo at the end of July.  With no office, no paid staff, no budget, and essentially no money, Interpreter hasn’t missed a single Friday.  (And, indeed, one week, Interpreter published two articles on the same day.)


I’m deeply grateful to those who have made this possible.



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  • Mark Jasinski

    Congratulations to Interpreter on such a productive and substantive start.
    Best wishes for continued success.

  • http://nathanrichardson.com Nathan

    Bilbo would be proud and envious of people getting so much writing done. In fact, if he had mapped the Book of Mormon, it probably would have looked like Jay Fullmer’s map. :-)