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A quiet evening with a few close friends


Tonight will see 2012′s enormous New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square, New York City.


Many people want to be there.  Indeed, on average, about a million people are there every 31 December.  And I’m sure that many, many more would be there if they could.


Times Square constitutes a really good dividing line between two types of people.  Maybe a significant one.  Maybe not.  Because there are probably lots and lots of other people — I’m absolutely one of them — who would rather be almost anyplace else on New Year’s Eve than at Times Square.  Not because of a dislike for New York — even though, truth be told, I’m not a particularly enthusiastic booster of the city.  (On the east coast, I much prefer Boston and Washington DC.)  It’s because of the noise and the crowd.


I’m not a big fan of parties, and the bigger and noisier and more hectic they are, the less I like them.


I spent the night of 31 December on Pasadena’s Colorado Boulevard once while I was in high school, waiting for the Rose Parade.  (It runs just a few miles from the house in which I grew up.)  Being there wasn’t my idea. Some friends wanted to do it.  We never slept.  Loud revelers (some of them undoubtedly drunk) kept driving by all night, just a few feet from my head.  By the time the parade came, I was really too tired to enjoy it.  It’s better on television . . . and, although my family always watched in pajamas over a late breakfast, I never cared all that much about it on television.  (We did usually go to look at the floats afterwards.)


Tonight, my wife and I will spend New Year’s Eve, as we’ve done for years, at a nice restaurant with a group of friends and neighbors.  Then we’ll probably play games with a subgroup of them at one of our homes until it’s actually 2013.


Nice and quiet.  No hangover tomorrow.  A perfect way to begin the new year.



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  • http://www.yourestatematters.blogspot.com Michael R. Loveridge, J.D.

    Happy New Year, Professor, and a BIG THANKS! for your wonderful blogs!

    • danpeterson

      You’re very kind.

      Thank YOU.

  • Tom O.

    Sounds heavenly…your plans, that is, not Times Square. I’m turning in early, myself. Happy New Year to you and yours.

  • John Ziebarth

    Happy New Year to you, Debbie and the boys.

    • danpeterson

      And to you!

  • John Ziebarth

    Thanks for the great photo of Kenneth [age 16] elbow deep in EC Construction equipment!