Death of Ravi Shankar



This is how I still picture him in my mind.


I’m very, very sad to hear this.


I’ve been a fan of Ravi Shankar for most of my life.  When I was a teenager, I even used to go to sleep to recordings of his music.


Posted from Orlando, Florida.



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  • Bob Lavender

    So, you liked his music. You, the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Stones, and Marianne Faithful. That makes about 15 of you.
    Sorry, had to speak for the other 9 billion of us.

    • danpeterson

      I’m told that several people in India liked it, too.

      (That’s a small country in south Asia.)

  • Bob Lavender

    Carol is mad at me for writing that and I have to admit that I misinterpreted your sentiments due to my aversion to the sitar sound. I am sorry for doing that.

    • danpeterson

      No problem. But I genuinely do like sitar music. Very much.

  • Mark Jasinski

    As a teenager, I fell asleep nightly to Mozart’s 40th Symphony, Scheherazade, Russian Easter Overture, and Procession of the Sardar. I started listening to Ravi Shankar after taking a history of musical instruments class working on my MA at BYU and was immediately hooked. From there, I became interested in tabla and then the combination of sithar and tabla, and the ragas played for different times of the day. That experience awakened a life-long interest in all kinds of music. Here’s one of my favorite groups…I got to meet them at the WOMAD Festival in Seattle a few years back.

    • danpeterson

      “Scheherazade” was another favorite going-to-sleep record, as was an album called “Reverie” (Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra).