Fireside in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday Night


The Orlando Florida Temple
of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints


It seems that I’m going to be giving a fireside in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday night.


The time I’ve been given, tentatively, is 6 PM.  I don’t know if that’s right, though — it seems a bit early — so so, if you’re in the area and thinking of attending, you might want to watch this space for a possible correction or to make inquiries with knowledgeable local leaders to get better information.  (It may be a simple ward youth fireside, so there may not be many local leaders who know much.)


The fireside will be held in the stake center directly across the street from the Orlando Florida Temple.  (They face each other from opposite sides of S. Apopka Vineland Rd.  I don’t have the address for the stake center, but the temple’s address is actually 9000 Windy Ridge Rd., Windermere. Florida.  Windy Ridge is, as I recall, a side street off of Apopka Vineland.)


I’ve been requested to address seminary students on the topic of the apostasy.


Addendum:  I’ve just been told that the fireside is at 7 PM, not 6 PM.


Posted from Orlando, Florida.



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  • Jamison Leaberry

    Do you suppose that the organizers would be okay if I attended the Fireside as well? I’m a living breathing insider who’s also the leader of the apostate movement in Mormonism. I mean I could share a few stories of what the kiddies should look out for. Let me know either way, you have my email.


  • Matthew Roper

    Presumably this will not be a how to do it course?

    • danpeterson

      LOL. It’s supposed to be somewhat historical.

      • Jamison Leaberry

        Well, it was worth a shot, maybe next time.

  • Erich Zann

    So you’re THE leader of the apostate movement, huh? The apostates I know will no doubt be very interested when I inform them they have a leader. I’m sure they’ve been waiting for you to come along.

    • Jamison Leaberry

      LOL @ Erich, feel free to inform as many ‘apostates’ as you wish, I’m not sure if your comment here is suppose to be threat or an attempt to be witty; either way, if “informing apostates” jerks your chain, then by all means, inform all apostates that I’m their leader, hahahahaha. I can see it now, you have a button on your desktop that says “Emergencies Only” and when this button is clicked and excel spreadsheet opens wherein is listed “Apostates contact” information.

      Click that button Erich, please click it!

  • Erich Zann

    Of course it wasn’t a threat. Somehow, if nothing else, I can’t see the apostates I know getting too worked up just because I tell them a total stranger said something false on the internet. For another thing, I don’t have the faintest idea who you are, so what threat could there be, that a bunch of strangers would think bad things about you?