Give it, or lose it anyway?



The cover of “Leviathan,” by Thomas Hobbes (1651)


It seems that we’re about to go over the “fiscal cliff.”  (“You get nothing,” Mr. Obama reportedly told John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, a few days ago when they met for negotiations.)  “It’s hard to overstate how little is going on” to avert going over the cliff, one senior Democratic senate aide tells the New York Times.  (Which is not difficult to imagine, given that the Senate hasn’t passed a budget in three or four years now.  And, very conceivably, the fact that a vast chunk of the nation’s economy will come to the federales from our going off the cliff actually renders the prospect attractive, on balance, to the Senate’s current Democratic leadership.)


Right now, it appears that taxes will very possibly be going up.  Payroll taxes, investment taxes, the death tax, Obamacare taxes, and, yes, income taxes.  In fact, the future of tax deductions for mortgage interest and charitable donations may be at risk, too.


All of which suggests that you may want to be thinking where you want to put some of your money before Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi take it from you.


May I suggest The Interpreter Foundation as one possible option?


Posted from Kendall (Miami), Florida.



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