Holy Land 2013


At the north end of the Sea of Galilee


Just in case anybody out there is interested in going with me to Jerusalem and Israel but hasn’t signed up for the tour leaving on 24 April:


My wife and I have decided to take a break from leading tours to Israel for a little while after this one.


Who knows?  We might get back into it fairly soon, or we might not.  We just decided that we were getting into a bit of a rut, going to Israel every April/May for the past six years or so.  (Last year, we went twice.)  There are other things that we want to do, other places we want to see.  (For one thing, we’ve had to turn down an invitation every year for roughly the past four years for me to speak in a place where we would really like to spend some time, because the event for which I would speak has a fixed date that has always conflicted with this Israel tour.)


Anyway, if, for some mad reason, you would like to go on a tour to Israel with me, this upcoming April represents the last currently scheduled chance to do that.


Posted from Orlando, Florida.



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