New Journal Articles of Interest



I’m pleased to report that my friend and former Maxwell Institute colleague Paul Hoskisson has delivered a new issue of the Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture. This one contains five articles:

Matthew L. Bowen, “Becoming Sons and Daughters at God’s Right Hand: King Benjamin’s Rhetorical Wordplay on His Own Name.”
Steven L. Olsen, “The Covenant of the Chosen People: The Spiritual Foundations of Ethnic Identity in the Book of Mormon.”
John Hilton III and Jana Johnson, “Who Uses the Word Resurrection in the Book of Mormon and How is it Used?”
Andrew C. Smith, “Deflected Agreement in the Book of Mormon.”
Royal Skousen, “John Gilbert’s 1892 Account of the 1830 Printing of the Book of Mormon.”


Posted from Orlando, Florida.



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