No, I’m not actually a COMPLETE idiot.



I want to thank those who have commented on Facebook, on this blog, on a couple of (rather hostile) message boards, and on the Deseret News site itself regarding my little newspaper column of yesterday.


The comments have been helpful.  Even (and perhaps especially) the ones that view me as a blithering idiot, a philosophical naïf, and an obviously mistaken if not altogether irrational fool.


None of them, thus far, has addressed my actual position.


But that’s useful to see.  And it suggests ways in which I can clarify and justify that position when I lay it out more fully in the future (and am not limited to roughly 730 words).


Sincere thanks to all.



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  • Randy Winn

    Brother Peterson,
    I take it by your several comment to the effect, that you endure quite a lot of criticism because of your writings. I am sorry to hear that. It seems to me that your articles are meant to be educational or inspirational, and helpful to people. I appreciate where you are coming from and thank you for your good efforts. A few years ago we enjoyed your company and teaching on a trip to Israel and Jordan. We would enjoy having such an experience again sometime. Anyway, don’t be discouraged with the negative comments. Keep up the good work.
    Randy Winn-North Ogden, Utah

    • danpeterson

      Dear Brother Winn:

      Thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate it. We’re planning on accompanying a British and Church history tour to England, along with a superb LDS English guide. How about that? I think it’s going to be quite fun.

  • Lewis Douggard

    Ahh yes, Dr. Peterson, I see what you did there

    When all else fails, appeal to the “Mormon persecution complex”; because, let’s be honest, logic is extremely difficult. For example, “If I’m a Mormon AND I write/do/believe something irrational, then I … appeal to the Mormon persecution complex, force the opposition into an emotional state, and then WIN! ” Not everyone can live by this logic. It must be a hard life doing what you do–you know, all the lives you’ve destroyed through your apologetic writings–that’s no easy feat my friend. You truly are a Christian Martyr, Joseph Smith would be pleased.

    Kore Kosmou, a.k.a Legion

  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    Mr Douggard, I don’t see Professor Peterson saying he is being persecuted for being Mormon, but that he is being criticized over a particular article he wrote. You comment is so irrelevant it could have been generated by a mindless computer program like those that sequentially dial my phone number in order to offer me male enhancement products or mortgage refinancing.