On the Divinity of Jesus


Rembrandt head of Christ (BYU Museum of Art)


In honor of the Christmas season, I published a column this morning on the deity of Christ.  The Deseret News gave it a curious title; I’m not exactly sure what the title means.  But I stand by the article.


It will be attacked by the usual suspects.  They will point out that this 730-word newspaper column didn’t address x, failed to respond to y, and avoided the topic of z.  Oh well.


Posted from Orlando, Florida.




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  • http://hagfest.com Cecelia Fielding

    Thanks for the wonderful C.S. Lewis quote. It will be my this year’s Christmas mantra. (How about that for mixing your metaphors!) Merry Christmas!

  • Allison in Atlanta

    I avoided commenting in front of the scoffers on the DN website AGAIN and came over here to personally thank you for writing this article today. I too delighted in the CS Lewis quote, but moreover, I delighted in the point you made about Paul’s writings. It gave me food for thought this week.

    Thank you again, Brother Peterson for your diligence in scholarly study and sharing with us who are willing to accept it.

    • danpeterson

      Thank YOU, for a very kind note.