“The Role of Apologetics in Mormon Studies”


The spires of the Salt Lake Temple


Another Friday, another article in Interpreter.  Not a beat missed since launch back in early August.


Sadly, by contrast . . .


Posted from Orlando, Florida.

(Which, by the way, seems

to be Maori for “Land of the

Long Red Light.”)


  • Louis Midgley

    That remark about Orlando being Maori burst out giggling and my wife had a huge smile when I called her attention to it. But I am confident that only a few of us will have enjoyed your wit.

    • Kiwi57

      I enjoyed it. More especially since that “Long Red Light” could either be a procession of traffic lights (not unheard of even in New Zealand cities) or a representation of Orlando as a rather large (ahem) “red light district.”

      Which, alas, is also not unheard of in NZ cities.