“Utah County Poised to Get Its First Mosque”



No, unfortunately it probably won’t look at all like this mosque, which is located in the United Arab Emirates


I’m quite happy about this – not least because, when it’s completed, I won’t have to send my students to the Salt Lake Valley any more to visit a mosque – and wish Utah County Muslims well.  Heck, I may even donate a little bit, if I can.


I had heard about some opposition to the mosque, and had feared that it might be substantial.  But, as things turned out, there seems to be no really serious community resistance.  I’m proud of that.


Classes are done, by the way, and I’ve got a large stack of student papers to grade and a number of writing deadlines to meet, final examinations are being done on computer at a campus testing center and sent to me electronically (what a wonderful time we live in! and how I love grading finals!), and my wife and I are visiting our son and daughter-in-law and giving a fireside for a good friend.


Posted from Orlando, Florida



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  • http://nathanrichardson.com Nathan

    The best part of this news is that detail about no serious community opposition. It looks like the Saints in that part of the vineyard are noticing and absorbing the example of the Brethren on this issue.

  • Stephen Smoot

    If I may indulge in a bit of shameless self promotion, I actually wrote about this for the BYU Student Review, which can be read here: http://thestudentreview.org/orem-to-get-mosque/

    I think this is wonderful! I am excited for Orem to get its first mosque, and hope it will not only serve the needs of the Muslims in our community, but also build bridges and foster cooperation between Muslims and Mormons here in Orem and Provo.

  • Eric Larson

    After I returned from a deployment in Turkey, I attended my cousin’s wedding at the Jordan River Temple. Looking east across the valley, I noticed all the LDS steeples, and thought, ‘looks just like minarets.’