Sic et Non? Why the Title?

Abelard and HéloïseSome have wondered what the title of this blog, Sic et Non, signifies.Truth be told, the principal factor in choosing it was finding that all of the previous titles I came up with had already been claimed.  (Shockingly, I'm not the first person to have thought of this blogging business.)But then the Latin phrase Sic et Non floated into my mind.  It means "Yes and No."  (Think of Spanish sí, Portuguese sim, and Italian sì; and of Spanish no, Portuguese não, and It … [Read more...]

Justice for Unpalatable People

Perhaps the best real test of our sense of justice or fairness comes when we have to be just or fair to a repulsive character.I try to be just and fair, so here are a couple of links:First, regarding the man whom Rush Limbaugh used to call "the Breck girl":, with regard to this man: ultimate test, … [Read more...]

Senator Dianne Feinstein Probably ISN’T Lady Macbeth

Probably Republicans, in fact.  Under pressure from Church, University, and political leaders, and faced with mass demonstrations in my front yard accompanied by the delivery of a petition signed by tens of thousands of angry Norteamericanos, I've recently been forced to admit that, in fact, United States Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has never, to my knowledge, had a speaking role in Shakespeare's Macbeth, neither as a witch nor even as Lady Macbeth.  I apologize to all of those who … [Read more...]

And They Say WE’RE Not Christian?

Out driving tonight, I passed by not one but two different Protestant churches with signs out in front of them announcing "Sun Worship," and then giving times."Sun Worship"????This sign's not bad, though: … [Read more...]

A Memo regarding the Lunatic Fringe of My Readership

Reputedly a fancy-dress formal photograph of my Malevolent Stalker, taken in his mother's basement where he does most of his best work. The authenticity of this photograph cannot be confirmed.I believe that I've already mentioned the fact that there's a person out there in cyberspace who's been obsessively monitoring and putting a malignant spin on everything I say and do for the past six years or so.  (He's even reported on my children's purchases from and, in one case, managed … [Read more...]

Resources on Mitt Romney as a Human Being

The Obama campaign, unable to point to great success with the economy, its signature achievement (Obamacare) deeply unpopular with voters, will presumably seek to make the upcoming presidential election a referendum on whether Mitt Romney is a genuine human being with a core of real values, able to feel sympathy for other, less wealthy, mortals.  (It will also, I think, stealthily use his Mormonism in order to stigmatize him as a weird über-white sexist right out of -- ugh! -- the 1950s, … [Read more...]

“Faced with Enough Pressure, the Church Will Cave”

An excellent piece on the pre-1978 ban on ordaining black men to the LDS priesthood, arguing that contemporary issues such as same-sex marriage and the ordination of women are not comparable. … [Read more...]

Putting the Republican War against Dogs in Context

I've already admitted to being a dedicated foot soldier in the Republican war against dogs.One of the most weighty criticisms against Mitt Romney is his barbaric treatment, decades ago, of his family pet, Seamus, which plainly reveals Mr. Romney to be a cruel and horrible human being, unworthy of the American presidency.But now it turns out that, decades ago, Barack Obama used to eat dogs.  (Keep reading.  This last link goes on quite a bit beyond the point where I, at least, … [Read more...]