Interpreter’s Twelfth Scripture Roundtable

Peter, James, and John confer the priesthood of Melchizedek upon Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery near the border of Pennsylvania and New York

  The Interpreter Foundation has posted its twelfth scripture roundtable: This one focuses on Gospel Doctrine lesson 8, which is about the restoration of the priesthood.  Participants are William Hamblin, Craig Foster, Ben McGuire, and Andrew Smith.   … [Read more...]

“Many of Prophet’s Revelations Were Shared Experiences”

Sidney Rigdon and Joseph Smith both saw the vision described in Doctrine and Covenants 76.

  In honor of this year's Doctrine and Covenants and Church History curriculum, and because, having written them, I don't want them to vanish into total oblivion, I'm going to call occasional attention to relevant past Deseret News columns of mine. Speaking of which, here's one:   … [Read more...]

“Joseph Smith’s Character”


 This morning's column for the Deseret News brings Lorenzo Snow in as a character witness for the Prophet Joseph Smith:   … [Read more...]

You’re SENDING your love gifts!

In the neighborhood

  A couple of days ago, I invited you to "Send Your Love Gifts!" so that I can buy a winter home in a particular landscape near St. George, Utah. Almost immediately, as my wife prophesied, a small handful of my ever-predictable critics began to huff and puff about my greed, affecting indignation at the way I manipulate my brain-dead followers in order to achieve my selfish ambitions.  If pressed, they say, I'll pretend that it was just a joke. Well … [Read more...]

Remembering Truman Madsen

Truman G. Madsen

  I saw a few minutes this morning of a film of Truman Madsen talking about the Prophet Joseph Smith: It reminded me how very much I miss Truman. He was a huge influence on me at a pivotal point in my life, and he ultimately became a friend. When I was just beginning to come … [Read more...]

A Mormon Scholar, Testifying

Dr. Inouye

  I want to make sure that nobody out there is unaware of this nice little piece in the Ensign by Melissa Wei-Tsing Inouye, whose testimony is also featured on Mormon Scholars Testify and who has been a leader in the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy.   … [Read more...]

Send Your Love Gifts!

Near Ivins, just outside of St. George, Utah

  Okay.  We're back.  After a rather slow and sometimes worrisome drive up a very snowy I-15 with poor visibility, I taught my afternoon classes today. Here's the deal, though: Every time I go down to St. George, I make my way over to Snow Canyon.  This takes me into an area that I find visually stunning.  Very different from my beloved Switzerland but, in its own way, the equal of those dramatic and beautiful alpine landscapes.  And there are very … [Read more...]

A St. George Restaurant Recommendation

Anasazi interior

   My wife and I tried a new St. George restaurant tonight:  the Anasazi Steakhouse and Gallery on Sunset Boulevard. We took our eldest son there for his birthday.  Really original.  First-rate food.  I'm still savoring the various tastes.  (We ordered filet mignon, fresh Atlantic salmon, and lamb, with their various wonderful sauces, all of them on hot rocks, and then shared.  We also -- ever faithful to my Swiss connection -- … [Read more...]