“The Printed Editions” of the Book of Mormon

Poster for Royal Skousen

  I received this a few hours ago, and happily pass it on: The Laura F. Willes Center for Book of Mormon Studies is proud to announce the second of three illustrated lectures on the Book of Mormon by Brigham Young University Professor Royal Skousen, “25 Years of Research: What We Have Learned About the Book of Mormon Text." The second lecture, “The Printed Editions,” will be held at BYU's Gordon B. Hinckley Center on Tuesday, March 5 at 7:00 PM.  … [Read more...]

BYU in Egypt

The top of what remains of the Seila Pyramid, which was largely buried by drifting sand

  I watched a very brief presentation today from Dr. Kerry Muhlstein regarding the on-going BYU excavation project at Seila, in the Egyptian Fayyum.  It made me homesick.  Surely there are few places on the planet more evocative and, in a sense, more romantic, than Egypt.  The Greco-Roman necropolis at Seila contains roughly a million mummies, extending from the pagan period up to roughly the arrival of Islam in AD 639-642.  The pyramid, built by Sn … [Read more...]

And now for something a bit out of my usual subject areas

Lone Peak basketball

  Lone Peak High School's basketball team is doing amazingly well this year.  (Lone Peak is in Highland, in the same school district -- Alpine -- that my own kids attended.)  Here's an NBC story about them: http://www.nbcnews.com/id/21134540/vp/50987083#50987083 My friend and former Maxwell Institute colleague Ed Snow -- preeminent authority on both sports and politics -- tells me that the big kid who does all the dunking is Eric Mika, and that his … [Read more...]

Next Week: The Talmud in Salt Lake City

Studying Talmud

  One of the preeminent authorities in the world on the Talmud, the Jewish "oral Torah," will be speaking at the University of Utah next week. For details, see  http://www.mormoninterpreter.com/category/other-news/ . At the small dinner that some of us attended for Royal Skousen before his Tuesday night lecture, Professor Grant Hardy, of the University of North Carolina at Asheville, passed on an amusing old Jewish observation that he had gleaned … [Read more...]

“A Shallow Joseph Smith Wouldn’t Have Been Up to the Task”


   Appearing in the Deseret News this morning: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865574349/A-shallow-Joseph-Smith-wouldnt-have-been-up-to-the-task.html   … [Read more...]

The Book of Mormon as Literature

Click on this to enlarge it.

  Here's a flyer for an exciting new course to be given this fall by my friend (and former student) Dr. David Bokovoy at the University of Utah. This class represents something of a breakthrough.  Nothing like it has been taught before, and certainly not at the University of Utah.  (Which is, I believe, an institution of college-level higher learning located somewhere in or near Salt Lake City.) If you're in the vicinity, you might want to see if y … [Read more...]

The Life of Pie: A Tale of Two Budgets

One of my favorite political cartoonists

    … [Read more...]

Homosexuality and Tolerance

One variant of a common response to California's Proposition 8

  Although this article is obviously aimed at evangelical Protestants, I think the warning applies to Latter-day Saints, as well. Some, at least, in what might be called the militant homosexualist movement -- a movement that is increasingly vocal, confident, and influential -- seem to demand not merely equal rights but approval, even celebration, from the rest of us. Homosexuality is, I confess, not a topic to which I've devoted a lot of thought or … [Read more...]