Gay “Marriage” and “the Democracy of the Dead”


G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936)


While I’m at it, I think I’ll share a Deseret News article that I wrote last year, in which, with proposals to redefine marriage very much in mind, I reflected on an even larger theme:


It’s plainly related to this recent blog entry of mine.



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  • bfwebster

    On the excellent “preserve or abandon tradition” piece — I have said for a decade or two now that future generations — say, in the 22nd Century — will look at current civilization’s justification and practice of widespread abortion for convenience (or, in the case of China, by state mandate) with the same disbelief and horror with which we look at the justifications and practice of human slavery in Western civilization in the 17th through 19th Centuries. ..bruce..

    • danpeterson

      I strongly concur. Abortion, especially in its late-term and partial-birth forms, is an astonishing bit of surviving barbarism that rather casts doubt on the moral superiority of our era.