I really like dogs.



So here are some fun things.  I saved a bunch of these from various places, and meant to thank those who brought them to my attention.  But now I’ve lost my list of people, so I can’t.


My apologies.


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I’ve lost some beloved dogs, so this is something like the heavenly reception that I’ve sometimes hoped for.


You gotta love ‘em.


And then . . . Well, this one’s sort of on the dog theme:


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New Testament 195
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"The science of sleeping in, and why you probably shouldn't"
  • Kent G. Budge

    Dogs. Yeah.

    I wrote a sappy little blurb when I lost a terrier some years ago.


    • danpeterson

      That’s a wonderful little piece. I hope others will read it, too.

  • Susan Steinhaus

    Morning Dan. I love that cartoon. I posted it a while back, but I think it is a NewYorker classic. Many shared it! We are a two dog house. What do you have?

    • danpeterson

      I may well have seen it on your Facebook page. I just don’t remember now. If I did, though, thanks!

  • Susan Steinhaus

    Kent, I love your piece and don’t think it sappy. Very witty and true.