Interpreter Editorial Board Update


Dr. Ted Vaggalis, wearing the emblems of evil


I’m delighted to welcome Professor Ted Vaggalis to the editorial board of Interpreter:


Our openness, tolerance, and ecumenical spirit are illustrated by the fact that he’s a Yankees fan.



“How special is the solar system?”
“Why the social sciences lag behind the physical sciences”
New Testament 117
“My first name is not ‘Apologist’”
  • Steve Funk

    I don’t think I would be able to hear the man anyway, I would be too distracted by the abomination he wears on his hat.

    • danpeterson

      I’m sympathetic. But, please, don’t give up on him or on us. We plan to work with him, and to see whether he can be redeemed.

  • Steve Funk

    it’s against my better judgement, but I suppose I can give him a chance.

  • Clark

    Looks like a nice intelligent guy to me. With good taste in baseball team choice

    • danpeterson

      Nobody’s perfect. But I suppose that we needed somebody who could appeal even to Yankees fans.