Interpreter’s Twentieth (20th) Scripture Roundtable



Blessing the sacrament


I’m pleased to announce that The Interpreter Foundation has just posted its twentieth (20th) scripture roundtable:


This session covers Lesson 16 in the 2013 Gospel Doctrine manual, which is entitled “Thou Shalt . . .  Offer Up Thy Sacraments upon My Holy Day” and which focuses primarily on Doctrine and Covenants 59.  The discussants in this roundtable are Ben McGuire, Brant Gardner, and Andrew Smith.


I would like, by the way, to offer public thanks to said Andrew Smith, who, amidst the pressures of doctoral study at Claremont Graduate University, has nonetheless managed to organize our roundtables and keep them running in a remarkably steady way.



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  • Andrew Smith

    Thanks to you, Dan, and all the other participants!