Mark Your Calendars!


Victor Saul Navasky


Pat Bagley, the editorial cartoonist for the Salt Lake Tribune, is hosting the national convention of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists in Salt Lake City this coming June.   He’ll also be moderating a panel during the convention, called “Satire and the Sacred: From Mohammad to Mormon Underwear,” and I’m going to be on it.  Also on the panel will be Victor Navasky, a former editor with The New York Times and the former editor of The Nation, a winner of the National Book Award and a professor at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, whose book The Art of Controversy: Political Cartoons and Their Enduring Power is due to appear next week.


Our panel will be on Saturday, 29 June.  I actually don’t know whether the public will have any way of getting in.  I’m just exuberant, because I think that this is going to be both interesting and fun.  



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  • Scott Lloyd

    I wonder if Steve Benson (Arizona Republic) is a member of the association and whether he, perchance, will be on the panel. He, Pat and I were colleagues at the BYU Daily Universe in the late ’70s, when I was assistant editorial page editor and the two of them shared cartooning duties for the page.

    A lot of water under the bridge since then.

    Incidentally (and you are probably already aware of this, but some readers might not be), Pat is the brother of Will Bagley, whose book Blood of the Prophets is one of the more prominent chronicles of the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

    • danpeterson

      Yes, the thought that Steve Benson might be on the panel has occurred to me. He’s an obvious possibility, as a Pulitzer-Prize-winning editorial cartoonist and a very vocally ex-Mormon. I wouldn’t be surprised.

      That could be slightly awkward, because he’s been openly contemptuous of me — though we’ve never actually met — for many years now. I suspect, though, that he’s capable of behaving in a civilized manner when he chooses.

  • kiwi57

    Incidentally, Dan, for a fellow whose life is supposed to have been completely destroyed by now, you seem to be doing fine.

    • danpeterson

      You must be imagining things. I’ve been completely silenced.

      I read about it over at the Contempt and Defamation Board, so I know it’s true.