“The Lady’s Not for Mourning?”


Cartoon by Michael Ramirez


Among the many offenses of the Obama administration, large and small, I find this one against the late and very great Margaret Thatcher especially petty, and particularly galling.


charge d’affaires:  “A diplomatic representative, or minister of an inferior grade, accredited by the government of one state to the minister of foreign affairs of another; also, a substitute, ad interim, for an ambassador or minister plenipotentiary”


And add to that the apparent fact that the Democrat-majority Senate of the United States, led in this case by Senator Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey), is blocking a resolution honoring Mrs. Thatcher.


With Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher was pivotal in bringing down the Soviet Union and in freeing eastern Europe.  Peacefully, no less.  (I might also add Lech Walesa into that mix.  And now, he’s the only one of them left.)  With Reagan, she helped to restore free markets and to stem the tide of sclerotic statist interventionism that had created economic malaise in both the United States and the United Kingdom.


“Jobs Growth Slows to a Trickle” (very recent Wall Street Journal headline)


Four more years!


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  • Raymond Takashi Swenson

    This tells us a lot about the Obama Administration. First, they are so intent on anathematizing anyone who has a different ideology that they refuse to participate in a national British state occasion of the first magnitude, even as former Labor Party leaders like Tony Blair participate. Second, they think that their pointed discourtesy is going to send a message to Britain, its leaders and its people, and will somehow get to Margaret Thatcher. That shows what an inflated sense of himself Obama has.
    Do you think Obama would show up for a state funeral in Egypt or Turkey or Indonesia?
    Maybe the First Lady would have gone if she could have included the funeral in a visit to some swank London stores and taken in some shows in the West End? I can see why they were not invited to the wedding of Prince William.