This is a story that should be more widely known — and that merits reflection.


Kirsten Powers


I choose to link to this article, by Kirsten Powers, about the matter.  Why?  Primarily because she’s a vocal liberal and a Democrat.


Reaction to this story should transcend most distinctions between the political left and right.



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  • Rodney Ross

    I want to throw up! That is one of the worst stories I have ever read, yet it is one that bears telling. I noticed that CNN is just starting to carry the story although it should be a screaming headline. I disagree with one thing Ms. Powers says. This is a pro-life, pro-choice story. It is the end result of Roe vs. Wade. If it is happening in this one case, it is likely it is happening all over the country. And what is the difference between killing a baby right after it is born or shortly before? I repeat, I want to throw up.

  • Hospitality

    The horror of this can only be surpassed by the horror the offenders will face when they stand before God to be judged, along with all those who corrupted the laws to allow it to happen, and those who knew of it but did nothing. How can we stand this terrible present-day slaughtering Holocaust? Blood pouring from the innocent, and no one protecting them? It sickens the soul and robs the decent of sleep, for the nightmare that it is. Psalm 7:15 … They dig a hole to trap others [or destroy their lives], but they will fall into it themselves.

    • danpeterson


  • JL

    The only thing that makes this bearable is to picture these innocents in their glory as resurrected beings. What humans do to other humans is beyond comprehension to say nothing of what we do to animals.