Today’s BYU Discussion on the Definition of Marriage


From left to right: Sherif Girgis, Robert George, and Ryan Anderson


I was able to squeeze into the 4 PM presentation today by Robert George, Ryan Anderson, and Sherif Girgis.  Standing room only.  And not even enough of that.


It was superb.  One of the best things I’ve attended at BYU for quite some time.  Lucid, calm, and rational.  Yet, once or twice (from Professor George), rather impassioned.  And he had some remarkably kind things to say about the University, and about its sponsoring Church.


I’m pleased, for that reason, to highlight a note from a friend within the Wheatley Institution that I received earlier today:  “We will, in fact, be recording.  I haven’t seen the speaker releases yet, but virtually everyone gives us permission to do anything we want, so once the recording is edited it should be available on our website.  BYU Radio also wants to broadcast it and that will also probably happen.  The book ( ) and the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy article that spawned the book ( ) are also very helpful.  Glad you’re going to be there!”


I’ll try to call attention to it when publicly accessible versions of the program go up.


I think that the Wheatley Institution is one of the very most interesting things at Brigham Young University, because it regularly hosts speakers and sponsors panels on issues that actually matter to the community and to those who pay the tithes that support BYU, rather than viewing its audience as made up only of fellow scholars.  There’s no sacrifice of rigor, but there’s also no elitism.  It’s among the best things that have happened at and to the University in a long time.



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