Two Pieces on the Important Hebrew King Josiah


“The Death of King Josiah at Megiddo,”
by William Brassey Hole
(I was there just yesterday)


I’m a bit late in noting it, but Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Thought has just published William J. Hamblin’s “Vindicating Josiah” and Benjamin L. McGuire’s “Josiah’s Reform: An Introduction”:


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What's a poor progressive to do?
  • Collin

    Mr. Peterson,
    Do you agree more with Mr. Hamblin or Ms. Barker on the issue of apostacy at the time of Josiah? It seems to me that there is some support for Ms. Barker in 1st Nephi because Lehi is just the same type of “heavenly host” visionary who encounters the messiah who gives him mystical knowledge and condemns the “jews” of the day (deuteronomists?). It seems probable to me that Lehi was not the only person faithful to the true temple worship that was driven into the wilderness by the reformers.