Life among the Utahliban

Tehran West (as one academic once characterized Salt Lake City to me)

  Mormonism is disdained by many "progressives" as a retrograde, reactionary, corporate faith.  Some even maintain that hatred of others (e.g, of minorities, different religions, and women) is one of its signature characteristics. This is, of course, flat nonsense. And here's an article suggesting that Mormon-dominated Utah may not, actually, be hell on … [Read more...]

“When Hypotheses Collide”

The prophet Mormon as viewed by a contemporary (of mine)

  Every single Friday since 3 August 2012, thus far.  Every single Friday. Today, Brant Gardner's "When Hypotheses Collide: Responding to Lyon and Minson's 'When Pages Collide'" went up in Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.  Posted from Deer Creek Park, Provo Canyon, Utah    … [Read more...]

Encroaching Senility Has Its Good Points


 Shared with me by my friend and Interpreter colleague Dr. Gregory L. Smith, of Alberta, Canada:   Posted from Deer Creek Park, Provo Canyon, Utah    … [Read more...]

Yearning for Calvin Coolidge

He's unsung and virtually unknown today because modest government is out of fashion -- but he was one of our very greatest presidents.

   Posted from Park City, Utah    … [Read more...]

“Reading Hayek in Beijing” and the Most Deadly Atrocity of the Twentieth Century (Which is Really Saying Something)

The Great Helmsman, with Stalin, Lenin, Engels, and Marx in the background

  Anybody out there who might be yearning for the blessings of central economic planning or socialism should probably read Yang Jisheng's book, Tombstone, published late last year, about Mao Zedong's "Great Leap Forward" of 1958-1962.  Failing that, he or she should definitely read this Wall Street Journal article by Bret Stephens, based on an interview with Mr. Yang., "To this day," writes Stephens, "few people realize that Mao's forced famine was the single g … [Read more...]

Physician-Assisted Suicide in Vermont (and Elsewhere)

"The Doctor will see you now."

  Anybody who believes in the sanctity of human life (and fears the pressures to consent to being terminated that might be imposed upon the elderly and the seriously ill) should be watching moves toward assisted suicide very, very carefully.  Here is an important warning on the topic from a well respected psychiatrist associated with Johns Hopkins University:   Posted from P … [Read more...]

“God and Family in the West: A Double Helix of a Mess”

Mary Eberstadt

   I'm about half way through Mary Eberstadt's very important book How the West Really Lost God.  I intend to write a column about it (at the least), in roughly three weeks or so.  In the meantime, here's an interview with her regarding the book:  Posted from Park City, Utah    … [Read more...]

Agricultural Subsidies, Jefferson’s Yeoman Farmers, and . . . Well, Swamp Land in Florida

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  The "farm bill" is an annual ritual in Congress, ostensibly designed to help maintain the American family farm and preserve our identity as a Jeffersonian society of yeoman farmers. In fact, 80% of it goes to food stamps.  And to some people that you might not have predicted.  Just so you know. Conservatives (including especially libertarian-leaning conservatives such as I) are frequently accused of favoring corporate fat cats.  (I dealt with su … [Read more...]